so there's a ton of scrappers now.

this means too things: one, i don't expect alot of the upcoming characters will be scrappers; two, i expect several of the upcoming characters will be mostly bruisers, with some blasters and tacticians thrown in. psylocke is a good canidate for inifltrator, however.

how does this impact the mgame meta, and, more importantly, my blog?

in previous posts on classes (update pending) and how they contribute to hero bonuses, i advised to go straigt defense: all bruisers, tacticans, and infiltrators. fellow user Brain Yak (link at the bottom), goes even further than i, breaking hero bonuses into offense, defense, and defense without evasion, which is a good middle-ground path to shoot for.

with the four additional scrappers that have come out since these posts (magik, deadpool, ghost rider, and quicksilver), the meta has changed as well, and the boost to scrappers has made me re-evaluate them. they don't move up on my list, as the're class bonus is still offensive, and they're weakness makes my bruisers stronger. until i run across a scrapper agent that actually makes me take pause, my take on them won't change.

however, i'm gonna shoot Brain Yak a message and see how the new characters have influenced his math on the subject. new post and pictures to come!


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