Part 2! Picking up from where I left off...

  • Mockingbird
  • Rogue
  • Beast
  • Punisher
  • Quicksilver

As of this writing, none of the three Generalist Heroes have an alternate costume. Rogue has one coming down the pipe soon, but for now the only choise when it comes to Generalist costumes are Agents.?

Generalist Agents are a pain in my ass! They have no defensive weakness to take advantage of, they don't trigger my characters' buffs. You just have to crush them the old-fashioned way.Why do they make my third place? From a defensive perspective, they are a great choice. I can't reccomend the Commander Trenches enough. I have two already, and am currently saving for my third. And that third will be Generalist, for this very reason. Blaster, Scrapper, and Bruiser all have awesome advantages, but tough downsides. Generalists have neither, and that's a good thing, from a defensive perspective.

Advice: If you're choosing a Trench (and Commander is worth the extra consideration) Generalist is not a bad choice, and, unlike my top two Classes, won't be outpaced by any new Heroes or Class improvements that might effect changes in the game's meta. But as of current writing, Generalist is not the best. It's not the worst, but as far as dressing your Agent goes, there are two better options.

  • Iron Man Mark 5 Armor
  • War Machine
  • Phoenix 5 Cyclops
  • Phoenix 5 Emma Frost (White Queen)
  • Black Panther
  • World War 2 Captain America
  • Magneto
  • Hank Pym (Ant-Man)


When it comes to offense, Tacticans have it, even over Bruisers! I know, I know, Hulk, Thor, Ms. Marvel... they can all do massive damage, and if they go first, they wreck your strategy by removing a key player, right off the bat. But a hard-hitting Tactican can do the same, and if one of those characters is a Blaster, another might follow behind them! Throw a Quantum Jumper in the mix, and you can clear the board before your second hero has a chance to jump in! That is offensive power!

And as far as choices, just about every playstyle has a Tactican that will improve it. Buffs? Emma Frost! Debuffs? Black Panther! Tank? War Machine! Wall? Captain America! This class has an answer to just about everything (with the possible exception of Bruiser Torch, I'm still trying to crack that particular nut).

Advice: Plenty of people reccomend WW2 Cap, and they are right to do so. For me, it's all about P5 Cyclops and Phoenix, who is the one of two characters that I would put in their Tactican costume iover an Infiltator, because of how awesome her Phoenix powers are. Emma is the other, as the changes to the Scrapper class bonus makes her Diamond Body passive worthless as an Infiltrator. If you're rocking the Girls of Summer, go double Tactican. If you're moving characters for the class bonus...

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