• Shir thing

    when i log back in after an extended amount of time away from the game, and i immediately start going about my business of updating my articles, only to find that people have been editing what i wrote, leaving bad grammar and poor spelling in their wake. wtf?

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  • Shir thing

    The Rider Is Mine!

    November 24, 2012 by Shir thing

    So, I nabbed GR with one day to spare, and beat Mephisto for the final time, three-starring him. I tried for a two-bird, but didn't end up needing it. But that isn't the coolest part: I think I may have stumbled upon the triple-threat of defense!

    Ghost Rider's Eye of Judgement + Black Widow's Revenge Tactics + Agent's Cooperative Defense!

    For the purposes of this battle, I had BW as a Tactican for the extra turns. But once I level GR up to a competitive support tank, I think I'll start using Natasha's Avengers Infiltrator suit and get my PVP back up.

    The fight with Mephisto was over pretty quick once I got this working, as Sin and Revenge neuter defense, WB stunted attack, and I packed an MFG, which was cooling down faster than I needed it to…

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  • Shir thing

    thoughts on pvp, season 2

    November 14, 2012 by Shir thing

    some of the changes are awesome! i'd a little sad about the QJ and cap's new passive, but the layout for the new season rewards are much improved. i think i can actually make adamantium this time! does anyone know if afk battles even count anymore? i hope they don't, and it says ranked attacks. but then, why does that message still pop up about rank not changing?

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  • Shir thing

    ok, so thoughts so far... more to come.

    after weeks on farming 4.4 and using a variety of characters (replacing old-mainstays emma and phoenix) i'm thinking that any mission, with reason, yeilds more drops and faster playthroughs with the wonder (wundagore) twins, quicksilver and scarlet witch.

    both have attacks that deal lots of hits. awesome for getting those item keys and fang drops.

    huge, quintuple bonus for using them in pve.

    so, the question everyone's been asking since they released quicksilver:

    how can i turn him into a primary damage-dealing character?

    thoughts? suggestions?

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  • Shir thing

    so there's a ton of scrappers now.

    this means too things: one, i don't expect alot of the upcoming characters will be scrappers; two, i expect several of the upcoming characters will be mostly bruisers, with some blasters and tacticians thrown in. psylocke is a good canidate for inifltrator, however.

    how does this impact the mgame meta, and, more importantly, my blog?

    in previous posts on classes (update pending) and how they contribute to hero bonuses, i advised to go straigt defense: all bruisers, tacticans, and infiltrators. fellow user Brain Yak (link at the bottom), goes even further than i, breaking hero bonuses into offense, defense, and defense without evasion, which is a good middle-ground path to shoot for.

    with the four additional s…

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