Okay everyone, since i've been seeing, ever since I came here, a lot of confusion about how kuurth's rune work, especially the explosion, i will be giving every answer to every possible question I can think of regarding them.

If you see that I have missed a question, ask away, i'll answer, if you see a mistake, point it out.

What are rune explosions?

To describe them simply, when a rune explodes, what exactly happens is that the character with the rune attacks himself, with a magic explosion energy attack that is either stealthy or subtle. This can be proven by the fact that it uses the target's stats against himself, that it triggers the hot seat debuff, gets a boost off of bane, is only affected by impaired/autocrit on the target, even consumes breakthrough, and that luna-c debuffs means the explosion can be intercepted (but not negated)

Are runes and runes explosion affected by magic warding?

Runes are not, as they are not magic debuffs. On the other hands, rune explosions are, but since they are magic attacks it is only reduced damage, and does not prevent it altogether

My [hero] was OP as balls but got one shot, pls nerf!!11!!

If you say that, your hero was, more than likely, a bruiser (probably with the elite e-iso) or a hero with high attack. In case you didn't notice, that's why she is breaker of stone. The more powerful the enemy, the harder he will fall. see, the way it works is that, since there is a "melt armor" rune, the attack of the character becomes his downfall. a bruiser with 10 stacks of eschuteon, rising up, and the melt armor rune, will probaby explode at 60k damage. and that's the beauty of kuurth, be it level 1 or level 15, 0 or 2000 attack stat on her, runes will ALWAYS DO THE SAME DAMAGE because it is independent of her stats, only her actual runebreaker move depends on this.

How do I counter that then? Well there are a couple of solutions. first, people immune to fear/delirium, etc. or if you can't do that... A setup with low attack, high defence. for example, pestress, or a tanker without elite. Let me tell you, a 40k hp HAIF means he has a lower attack, and he won't explode the 3 runes for more than 10k. any team involving emma, or even anya with big and fast but no elite, would work. hell, a "murder everyone first" like a mayday or noircoon or quicklorde/spitnoir would work. also, a way to prevent crit of a mine is to not have a team that crits. if you impair kuurth, it won't do anything. but an interesting way to prevent this is the pretty much useless eiso that is constructive criticals. equipping it will mean that not a single rune will ever crit when exploding on said blasters. Also, keeping the 'intimidated" she applies, on the target, will also affect the attack and thus the explosion, a bit.

Why would you think you're an expert on kuurth? wel i have been using her in pvp ever since her release...well 47 minutes after her release (i wanted her, she looked nice, had a strategy, so i speedran the mission.don't judge me) and have been facing her in pvp a lot as well so i started experimenting.

Here is a breakdown of the three runes:

Rune of Ruin

Kuurth counters ranged attacks by applying this rune with her "Road to Ruin" attack. "Road to Ruin" also applies Biofeedback, and as per her passive, shield breaker.

Its permanent effect is that all attacks towards the target with hit and crit, and ignore the defence stat.

On explosion, The character gains the Disabled debuff.

This rune is bad news as it is the one that makes the explosion deal a HUGE amount of damage, if attacking with ranged attacks, make sure you don't trigger her counter. As a pinpoint Target, it will work for the passive of Hawkeye, Angela, and even Misty Knight, Black Widow, Drax.

Characters immune to the rune: Squirrel Girl, Nightcrawler, and an agent with Protector of Attilan

Rune of Fear

Kuurth AI tends to play this at the start of a PVP fight. The attack "Fear Me" , her only AoE, is subtle, and will apply on top of the rune, intimidated and pheromones. the latter is a gag debuff and does nothing.

Its permanent effect is pretty much the debuff Cower, accompanied with a damage reduction.

On explosion, it removes all the buffs from the character.

This rune is a really annoying one on the long term, and also the one that deals the most damage on explosion.

Characters immune to the rune: all the Worthies, Daredevil, Destroyer, Molly Hayes, Hero with the Techno-Organic Endoskeleton, or the Oni Breaker, or any hero/agent equipped with the Sacred E-Iso [regarding the Oni Breaker and Sacred E-Iso, this only works when the character starts the round with 98% to 100% health, by gaining Exalted]

Rune of Control

Kuurth's l9 is devastating because it makes sure you will not hit her team. I mostly use it on Maydays, because I know of all their extra turns, a couple will be spent attacking her own team. It applies, on top of the rune, Mind Control, Disoriented, and Converted.

Its permanent effect is that whenever an ally attacks a Worthy, the character will counter (even if it is the character itself that attacked)

On explosion, it depletes the entire stamine bar of the victim.

This rune is pretty much the way to counter those deadly heavy attack teams (looking at you blaster thor/maydays) and as you can see from the debuffs it applies, it is Made For Allies Intradestruction(tm)

Characters immune to the rune: Destroyer, Kuurth. An agent with Manic De-amplifier will remove the rune from the entire team.

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