And we're back again.

Blaster's Power Armor was underwhelming. I'm sticking with Bruiser this time.

I will absolutely kick myself if I don't get Tactician's Power Armor though.

I wasn't initially intending to join this early, but the Daily PVP Reward seems like a good enough incentive.

18th Jan

Currently at 1157 Elo. Which isn't bad. but the trouble is maintaining and raising that ranking. I got the Stark Industries Catalyst from the roulette, so not bad.

20th Jan

Now at 1199 Elo. 5 Battles per day makes slow progress, but it's enough. I will probably experiment a little once the lowbies are trained to level 9.

27th Jan

Currently above 0.5%, quite happy. 2 observations.
1. Armoury Bonus is still broken
2. Emma's L1 wasn't actually nerfed. So overall, since her L6 has been changed to a QA, it's been buffed.

28th Jan

Okay, now I'm about 98% sure Armoury is Broken. I was Also, over 100 rating lost last night. not happy.

3rd March

AFK will probably hit me for around 100 per day, give or take about 50. Have currently fought into 0.5%, almost certainly will not stay there.

6th March

Hovering around 0.6%.

10th March

Down to the last 2 days or so now. Stuck at 0.6, cannot get past the ada boundary, which has gone up around 50 points since the 6th. Volume fighting is the way to go here.

11th March

Wow. That wasn't pretty. Spent quite some time trying to get into ada, but never made it. Highest I got was 1569. Oh well. Better luck next time (yes, I will be more mellow about it than I was last season)

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