It's Season 4 already... the next Spec Ops isn't even out yet.


The Rewards this time look imba, actually. Punisher is good. Blaster's Power Armour... imba. One Man Army... Very Strong.

I'm starting with my build from the previous season, Emma and GR.

Bruisericon PvP Loadout
Uniform Bruiser 6 Male Iso-8 Shard Green Iso-8 Shard Green Iso-8 Shard Green Iso-8 Shard Green
Iso-8 Shard Prismatic Iso-8 Shard Prismatic Iso-8 Shard Prismatic Iso-8 Shard Prismatic
Scroll of Angolob Hoarfrost Mace Radian Rifle Quantum Jumper
Uniform Bruiser 6 Male Bruisericon Agent
Psylocke Icon 1 Infiltratoricon Psylocke
Emma Frost Icon 2 Tacticianicon Emma Frost

10th Jan

Tourney begins at 8pm GMT. Beginning at 800.

+16, +16, +24, +15, +13 (AFK), +14, +12 (AFK), +13 (AFK), +11 (AFK), +13 (AFK), +11 (AFK), +13, +14 (AFK), +13 (AFK), +15

Emma is about 10 hours away from Level 9 at the time of writing. I'm going to wait until Spec Ops 6 before I spend any CP.

11th Jan

+30 overnight. That leaves me at 1043. AFk winrate is about 50% for now.

+15, +20, +13

Into Gold League.

+14 (AFK), +12, +17, +7 (AFK), +12, -18 (AFK), +14, -15 (AFK), +16 (AFK). Currently at 1149.

I intend to get into the high rankings now, so that even if I am away, AFK won't drop me too hard.

12th Jan

+4 (AFK), -19 (AFK), +17 (AFK), -15 (AFK), +14, +15, -16

My first offensive loss. Back where I was yesterday, 1149.

13th Jan

-19 (AFK), +13 (AFK), -18 (AFK), +15, +16, +17, +35 (glitch), +11 (AFK), -16, -12, -13, -16 (AFK), +18, -17, -19 (AFK), +12 (AFK), +14 (AFK), +13 (AFK), +18 (AFK), -12 (AFK), -16 (AFK), +16, (AFK), +14, +13.


14th Jan

Dropped to 1181 over 20 hours or so. Not bad, actually. Still trying to work out whether Nanite/MFG > Signpost or whether I ought to switch one out. I'll probably test it at some point.

+12, +13 (AFK), +13 (AFK), +11, -16 (AFK), 1214

Still no Spec Ops :(

15th Jan


16th Jan


Not bothering with offense for these few days. Letting AFK do the work for me.

Doing 2 fights to level Emma. Both of those fights had Psylocke, who is easy fodder for GR.

+16, +20, +13 (AFK), 1274.

I've noticed I've been doing not much but writing down numbers. I guess it's a sense of burnout from the first few days with the furore of getting to the high end of the rankings.

Emma and GR are working well still. I'm wondering whether Bruiser Power Armour > Scrapper Power Armour. In a 1v1, BPA would win of course, but in the current meta I have yet to work out which is better. I am going to leave SPA in for another night at least before I reach a decision.

17th Jan


I'm keeping SPA in then. I also swapped Nanite for Signpost, which appears to have boosted it somewhat.

18th Jan

1199. That sucks. I'm going to put BPA back in and see what happens tomorrow.

22nd Jan

Chrome broke the wikia on me in the last few days, have been unable to update this.

I m currently at 1312, having swapped Angolob in for MFG.

23rd Jan

Dropped a chunk, down to 1289. Did one fight to hover at 1302.

27th Jan

Last few days, have been letting AFK do the work again. Defense is holding up surprisingly well, probably due to RNG and all. I dropped to 1276 over this time, which is surprisingly not bad. I need to start getting fights in if I want to have enough for Adamantium. At the time of writing, I am now at 50 attacks, having done 6 to bring my Elo to 1365.

31st Jan

Last few days have been pretty slow. On the 28th and 29th I dragged my Elo up to around 1490, and it's been hovering there since. I switched out Emma for Psylocke though, I'm having problems since a lot of the enemy teams have a tactician of their own.

2nd Feb

With only 3 days or so left on the clock, now's the time to climb up ahead of the big drop that will take place on the 4th.

RusOwDs.png 3Q1ZVWr.png FlZlDxL.png

Both are equally surprising, but the second and third more so. 1499 is still ada btw, just about.

1598 elo.

5th Feb

Disappointed. 0.6%, 1517. Got knocked out of ada in the last hour or so. Not much to say here.

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