Well, it's Season 3, and I'm already nervous. I'm level 50, and I really should pass the level 60 wall before I hit the ground on this one, while grinding CPs for Valkyrie. Not sure how to balance this one. Let's see how it goes.

Edit -

Post - Tourney Summary

Agent Set-Up
Uniform Scrapper 6 Male Iso-8 Shard Green Iso-8 Shard Green Iso-8 Shard Green Iso-8 Shard Green
Iso-8 Shard Green Iso-8 Shard Green Iso-8 Shard Green Iso-8 Shard Green
Hoarfrost Mace Nanite Inductive Nailgun Magnetic Field Generator Quantum Jumper
Uniform Scrapper 6 Male Scrappericon Agent
Ghost Rider Icon 1 Scrappericon Ghost Rider
Emma Frost Icon 2 Tacticianicon Phoenix 5 Emma Frost

PVP Tournament
Season 3
Adamantium League
TOP 0.3%
Ranking 3,756
Rating 1583
Attacks 160
Wins 324
Losses 162

Yeah, I finished in Adamantium :)

13th Dec

Only did 1 match to get on the rankings. Tourney starts late over here.

817 Elo.

14th Dec

+194 Rating. Not bad. Already in the top 0.6% xD

Battle Count - 6 Wins, 3 Losses

Might make a few more, but just going to push into Gold League for now.

Currently experimenting with IW, and will probably try Dr Strange and Cable. None of them have alt comstumes atm, those aren't the priority.

Edit - 3 More wins to pick up the daily XP bonus.

15th Dec

Wow. Got an absurd number of AFK fights, all of yesterday's attacks had been pushed offscreen. Won most of them, +83, 1169 Elo

Again, 5 fights for EXP bonus.

+21, -8, -9, -8, +21

Modern Thor is really annoying. About as annoying as Modern Storm or Modern Strange was.

Ugh. Those Health tweaks are really starting to show. I keep getting matched with players with almost 1000 more Health than I do...stupid Playdom didn't fix anything, they just made it harder for players who don't spam Tacticians. No way I can blitz them properly, and Cap now takes forever to kill >.>

End of the day - 1194

16th Dec

AFK is really getting silly. However, while most of the AFK wins I get are +5 to +10, AFK losses are at least -20, usually -25. Woke up to 1210 Elo, so AFK floating is starting to slow.

Cable looks promising. Will start using him once I level him to 9, and unlock the last part of what looks like an awesome skillset. Going to have to work out what to ISO-8 him with though.

Hmm, perhaps I was wrong about AFK floating slowing down. 1242 when I started the 5 daily fights.

-5, -14, +27 (lol), +8, +15, AFK'd at 1271, 0.1%.

Forget what I said yesterday. Captain America is by far the most annoying. The fact the others become annoying is his fault.

17th Dec

1290 Elo, definitely slowed down. I checked my battle logs and found I had actually reached 1375 last night, but took 5 losses at almost -30 each. Considering that my wins ranged from +2 to +6, that's a lot.

Daily Fights - +22, +5, +13. No time to complete them yet. will do the rest in a few hours.

Edit: -18, +17. AFK at 1332.

18th Dec

1339 Elo. Only 6 or 7 AFK fights last night. Looks like a lot of them have dropped out for now.

-10, +2 (looool), -9, -2, -7

33 Fights, so into Diamond league now. Blegh. Today was horrible. Dropped to 1285.

19th Dec

1257. AFK is now roughing up.

+11, +20, -18, -11, +17

25% of the way through CP farming for Spec Ops. Should be done with at least a few days to catch up at the end of the tourney.

21st Dec

I'm not going to bother with PvP for the next few days. Hit level 55 yesterday, and was too busy irl to make a post.

CP farming is going smoothly. AFK battles, not so much, I've been dropping constantly now as a side effect of entering Diamond.

28th Dec

1163 when I checked this morning.

I did a few battles today, to test out Storm. She is totally broken. Spamming Blizzard => ridiculous tactic. 

Funnily enough, Cable's at level 9, and I got MFG a few days ago too. I'm nearing level 60, so add QJ to that....

Grabbed Emma, including her P5 costume. Looks like I'll have to get 25 Gold for Valk now.

Speaking of Valk... faced her in PvP for the first time today... Didn't do much (I did have 2 Blasters out though)

1st Jan

I missed out on Emma's P5 Inf costume, so, I had some CP to burn. Storm's Classic Blaster alt, and Ms Marvel. I also got Valkyrie with Gold. Storm isn't as cut out to be a Tacticican as Strange is, and I'm seeing more infiltrators around anyway.

I now have an offensive team, and a defensive team. Cable and Storm go well together, and Storm isn't even level 9 yet.

2nd Jan

Hit level 60 yesterday. Armoury Bonus research finishes tomorrow, then I have to get on with ISO-8.

Added Quantum Jumper and the Scrapper's Power Armour to my setup. Started to fight in large quantities now. This last week, I need to cover enough fights to reach 100 and get into 0.5%, which is proving rather annoying. I seem to be unable to get past 1270 though.

Jan 3rd

Did around 25 fights today. 1350 is an unmovable wall. Tested Strange today, but ran into more infiltrators than I'd like. ISO research coming along well. Will probably be able to socket in some more potent stuff tomorrow and the day after. Ran into Modern Thor today, barely pulled off a draw. According to my allies' ladder, Adamantium will be around 1500. I have 4 days. The pressure is beginning to set in properly now...

4th Jan

Currently, Adamantium is around 1450. A little lower than I'd expected. PKB was right though, the most stressful position is on the 0.5% boundary. 1500 seems impenetrable atm.

Been swtiching around heroes to see which tends to do best. Currently settled on Emma and GR, but Strange is still a problem. Combined with Cap, he's just a pain. Doubly because the Caps I meet have been levelled high enough to use Shield Throw. 

I've had a few stupid moments where the opponent had complete turn advantage, that was horrible to watch...

However. Best moment of today, met Torch in PvP. He used his L9, killing himself and his Ghost Rider, who was on 80% health.

Only a few days remaining. It's going to get intense.

5th Jan

3 days left. Woke up to something around 1470. Have currently done 20-30 fights, so I'm close to 1550.

And there is not much that is more satisfying than this - bHfiX.jpg

Stopping at 1584 for now, after volume fighting for the last few days I'm starting to burn out. The current combo I'm using rocks. Cap is still annoying as ever, but anybody who uses an Infiltrator is in serious trouble.

6th Jan

Woke up to 1577. Did 5 fights, which took me to 1620. I was fine for a few hours, then I took 3 AFK losses in the space of half an hour, dropping me to 1557. So I've currently fought another 5 fights, up to 1628. 

I find that in every game I play, it takes me a while to get used to a specific setup, then I can go and destroy everything with it. In most cases here, that's the same. I'm only having trouble in the fights that were uphill to begin with (massive PvP Armouries, lots of heroes, total turn disadvantage, Ghost Rider guaranteed regen 5 times).

Tomorrow will be frantic, I fear. I'm not logging until 4pm GMT, so I can only hope AFK isn't as bad as it was a moment ago.

7th Jan

1599. That is pretty good, actually, over 8 AFK fights (3 wins, 5 Losses, 37.5%). I was quite bothered that it would be worse.

Unlocked Chaotic ISO, so Emma and GR are now good to go. Sucks that Emma isn't L9, but I can handle it.

9hrs 30 mins remaining, fought my way to 1613. 

Having trouble countering Emma Frost properly. Either Cosmic Power procs at the most inoppurtune moments or Mental Trauma gets me. And of course, running 2 Scrappers leaves me open to Bruisers.

3 Wins and a loss, 1638, 8 Hours remaining.

1 Win, 1662, 7h30m.

5 Hours remaining, no change. Might get lucky and come out of this unscathed. If not, I have about 150 Elo to fall.

4 Hours. Not going to stress myself here. I'm going to log out now, and come back in about 3 hours. I should be able regain any lost ground if I have to.

Jan 8th

I'm too busy celebrating.


1583 is 0.3%. Didn't have to do a thing.

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