My head has cleared a little.

I'm still kinda peeved over the outcome. Probably less than 5 points away from Adamantium. I will have moved on in a few days though. I have the main reward, which was the Blaster's Power Armour. Punisher will be added to the long list of heroes I intend to recruit.
The irony of this is if I had left it to AFK in the last few minutes, I would not have actually dropped out. So close, yet so far.

Moving on.
Saw a ton of Psylocke in the higher levels. She's lethal if you don't bring a Scrapper, and still dangerous if you do. A well ISO'd Quicksilver will take her out, but with the high prevalence of Bruiser Agents, It's pretty risky. She's Definitely the New Queen, if not the Princess, of PvP.
Wallet Warrior ratio was higher too. PD had essentially nerfed non-paying player's Armoury Bonuses by keeping them at the same maximum from the last Spec Ops, while allowing Gold Buyers to cough up 72 Gold to roll their Bonus to much higher levels. Extremely uphill fight. And let's not forget that of those, about half will have much higher hero bonuses as well.
My offensive winrate dropped to about 70% once I entered Adamantium. Uphill fights galore.
I also have a bad habit of losing 1v1s, due to the fact the difference in strength is very high.
AFK winrate crashed to 5%. No matter what I tried, it refused to go back up.
I'm bluntly noting I will need more bruisers by next season if I want to avoid a repeat.
I'm going to have to figure out some tactics in order to counteract the huge difference in brute force.
Right now, the deciding factors are (in descending order) - PvP Bonus, Luck, Skill.

Also noticed the AI became far more aggressive this season...again, will have to adjust my strategy to compensate.

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