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  • Shadowhopeful

    The Synthetic Cube. Notorious for its Reality Hacking passive and pretty much standard in every PvP Team.

    Being able to beat the cube is an important part of your setup now. If you cannot, then you will not get far.

    Let's start here. The Cube is extremely dangerous, and the stuff it can throw at you can and will bring you down. But there is one massive flaw with the cube.

    It is slow. On Round 3 will you get the Improbability Field, by which time most PVP fights will have been decided. If you get hit by Atom Smasher, you will survive and hit back, or you had already lost.

    It has no actual offensive capability until then, and no direct damage until Round 4. The first 2 are basically damage mitigation, which is bad, but not problematic if handled we…

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  • Shadowhopeful

    Pym, Kang, and an introduction to Ultron. This will certainly be interesting.

    required for the heroes, but since I already have Cable, I'm one step ahead, knocking it down to 180.

    Claimed Daily reward before the Spec Ops was launched, so nothing there.
    Completed the first 4 Tasks in a run of Mission 1. Screwed up Task 4, but whatever I'll need to run it again anyways for Task 9. Got most of a second run done.

    Tasks Completed Mission 1 Mastery Mission 2 Mastery Mission 3 Mastery UISO-8
    0 0 300ish

    Daily Bonus - 1000 UISO8!
    Also collected the two sets of 50 and 10 respectively, plus the 50 from allies.
    Completed Mission 1 again, 2 Star Mastery for Task 9. Also completed Task 5. Research took me the first half of the day. Went and ground some Comm…

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  • Shadowhopeful

    And we're back again.

    Blaster's Power Armor was underwhelming. I'm sticking with Bruiser this time.

    I will absolutely kick myself if I don't get Tactician's Power Armor though.

    I wasn't initially intending to join this early, but the Daily PVP Reward seems like a good enough incentive.

    18th Jan

    Currently at 1157 Elo. Which isn't bad. but the trouble is maintaining and raising that ranking. I got the Stark Industries Catalyst from the roulette, so not bad.

    20th Jan

    Now at 1199 Elo. 5 Battles per day makes slow progress, but it's enough. I will probably experiment a little once the lowbies are trained to level 9.

    27th Jan

    Currently above 0.5%, quite happy. 2 observations.
    1. Armoury Bonus is still broken
    2. Emma's L1 wasn't actually nerfed. So overall…

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  • Shadowhopeful

    My head has cleared a little.

    I'm still kinda peeved over the outcome. Probably less than 5 points away from Adamantium. I will have moved on in a few days though. I have the main reward, which was the Blaster's Power Armour. Punisher will be added to the long list of heroes I intend to recruit.
    The irony of this is if I had left it to AFK in the last few minutes, I would not have actually dropped out. So close, yet so far.

    Moving on.
    Saw a ton of Psylocke in the higher levels. She's lethal if you don't bring a Scrapper, and still dangerous if you do. A well ISO'd Quicksilver will take her out, but with the high prevalence of Bruiser Agents, It's pretty risky. She's Definitely the New Queen, if not the Princess, of PvP.
    Wallet Warrior ratio wa…

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  • Shadowhopeful

    Tourney begins at 8pm GMT. Beginning at 800.

    +16, +16, +24, +15, +13 (AFK), +14, +12 (AFK), +13 (AFK), +11 (AFK), +13 (AFK), +11 (AFK), +13, +14 (AFK), +13 (AFK), +15

    Emma is about 10 hours away from Level 9 at the time of writing. I'm going to wait until Spec Ops 6 before I spend any CP.

    +30 overnight. That leaves me at 1043. AFk winrate is about 50% for now.

    +15, +20, +13

    Into Gold League.

    +14 (AFK), +12, +17, +7 (AFK), +12, -18 (AFK), +14, -15 (AFK), +16 (AFK). Currently at 1149.

    I intend to get into the high rankings now, so that even if I am away, AFK won't drop me too hard.

    +4 (AFK), -19 (AFK), +17 (AFK), -15 (AFK), +14, +15, -16

    My first offensive loss. Back where I was yesterday, 1149.

    -19 (AFK), +13 (AFK), -18 (AFK), +15, +16, +17, +35 (gli…

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