• Shade99

    ISO Blog for New Heroes

    October 22, 2013 by Shade99

    I have decided to start an ISO Blog of my own, for the new heroes not included in PKB's page right here.

    I also used his theories and ideals, and am only planning to make this guide as supplement for what the master has already left us.

    His ISO Solver Spreadsheet guide.

    His underlying theory of ISO's right here.

    For disclaimers, just read the posts above to know the target goals for stats and how I copied PKB in doing it, but to sum, the goal for a hero at L300 is 9k in health, 2k in attack, 1.8k in accuracy, and 2k in either defense/evasion.

    I also added some suggestions for Empowered ISO's based on my experience with the characters, and you can find the list here.

    Despite being king of the Inhumans, Black Bolt has really poor base health, howe…

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