Well... It's been quite sometime since I've started playing M:AA, and... I've come quite a long way from deciding that I'd go for the characters that I was familiar with. I've been playing since before the first Spec Ops, and have observed the game grow and expand. I've become familiar with this wiki, and used it to further my experience, and I've played nearly every single day.

From nothing, I've gained nearly every single 90 CP hero, leaving only a few of the originals, the first 3 Spec Ops heroes, and a few new ones left I need to get. I am soon going to acquire Captain Britain to gain access to Iron Fist's (the hero I chose after unlocking PvP) alternate costumes. I have gone through every Spec Ops, gathering gear and soon, those LE Heroes. I learned to grind for CP within those time constraints to get what I wanted...

I've been through every Season of PvP, starting out with Modern Colossus and Alt Human Torch, then swapping HT for GR, then swapping those two out for OS and Iron Patriot, then swapping IP for my current member Havok (who's exhaustion has made dealing with Rescue and most enemy teams a breeze, even if they may be more powerful than me.) I have my Agent with the first, and only Power Armor I've acquired, ready to support with War Frenzy and an Enchanted Crowbar (which I find oddly satisfying to use). SoA don't cause me the same grief as they have before, now it's all just tactics on how to achieve victory.

I've had all sorts of fortune, all of this, and...  I must question myself, was it worth it? I know the intricacies of this game, I learned from Potkettleblack (great admin, who gets WAY too many repeated questions) to think about what the hero could be, and not what it is currently. I now have a more in-depth knowledge of the Marvel lore, learning of characters I've never heard before (I still don't really know who Thundra is though.)

I know the game has it's flaws. It does some rather menial, but... I think I notice the things that offer a fresh challenge, that makes me consider another way...Why do I play this game? Is it because I enjoy the satisfaction of crushing an enemy with an Epic overkill? Beating the odds? Having new playthings (read: heroes and gear)? I can't say I know for sure... All I know is that it's never gotten to the point where I spent money, only time. I compare it to an RPG with some MMO freemium elements, and... I'll probably keep playing, seeing what other little changes come along... 

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