In my continuing efforts to procrastinate and burn time that could be spent on something more productive, I've decided that along with writing my thoughts about heros (you can find the one I wrote about Havok here), I'm going to write about gear! (Also, I probably should write more anyways. It's good, I think.)

Granted, I'm not going to write just about ANY gear. I'm sure there are those that would dispute that the Needle Gun is the best weapon in the game (and I didn't just spend 10 minutes of my life trying to find out which weapon you start out with.) No, I'm going to be writing about the gear worth writing about, that really brings something new to the game, something that people talk about, something... That recently is being sold for 128 gold. Ouch.

Synthetic Cube

NAT-Synthetic Cube

Flashy lights not included.

The Covert Task Another Dimension was released in October 1st, 2013 and ended on November 4th, giving players about a month to make their way through rather daunting tasks, including collecting materials that would cost 225 gold if paid upfront at the store, defeating a boss from part of the ongoing Spec Ops (as well as using a LE Hero), and having access to heroes valued at a total of 438 command points.

The mentioned Spec Ops ended on the 14th of October, and the materials could be obtained by doing PvP everyday along with Incursions. Essentially, you had to invest a lot of time (and probably gold) to get the goods, and now anyone with a large amount of gold can pick one of these up. So, the questions are what does it do, and what do I think about it.

What does it do

It clears buffs and gives chance to enemy to hit each other, it removes debuffs and heals you upon hit, it grants buffs to you and debuffs to enemy, and after 3 rounds (about the length of a normal PvP match), it has the potential to outright end the battle. All of these abilities hit all enemies. Slap on a passive that gives your team the chance to dodge one attack out of five (which is negated by attacks that ignore these avoidance effects), and it's a pretty little package.

The limitations include not every skill is available at once, with each take 3 rounds to cool down. The only way to deal straight-damage with it involves lasting three rounds and setting it up properly in order to provide the intended effect of obliterating what's left of the enemy team, which is effectively negated should they remove their debuffs (something SoA does effectively) or the Agent is weakened to to the point where any damage potential is effectively crap.

What do I think about it

Well. I've used it for all PvP seasons right up until the latest one. Can't say I didn't enjoy removing those buffs from enemies, and negating their plans at times (especially with that sweet sweet Reality Hacking.)

However, I've got to say, I believe that I've used it like a crutch, because I had little other strategy. It's hard to put this into words, but there was just something I never really liked about the Cube, and that may be just waiting and hoping the enemy doesn't do anything to negate all the time spent working your way up to what you planned to do.

It takes much more time to recover, and can potentially cost you the match, IMO. Recently, I finally replaced the Cube with something MUCH more preferable that provides me with the benefits I want, with a much more reduced recovery time should something happen that negatively impacts me.

To Summarize in One Line

As much as I like Catastrophic Atom Smashing, takes way too much chance and investing.

Side notes:

-Disoriented is amusing, especially when Deadpool uses his L2 on his own teammate.

-Being recovered to full health from the attack that was supposed to kill you is also amusing.

-Random debuffs/buffs aren't all that interesting

-I guess Atom Smashing can be neat.

Final Note: Personally, I wouldn't buy this gear, even if I didn't already have it. I've moved past it now with a loadout that fits in with my strategy of wrecking the enemy to the point of no recovery.

I'd suggest using the gold to buy another Training Bay (should you have a number of high-level heroes in need of training) or towards trying to get a Lockbox Hero.

As always, feel free to leave any thoughts or comments below, and thank you for reading the wall of text.

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