So, the bonuses have been rebalanced, thus giving those lacking heroes and PvP-items (like me) more of a chance against those who... well, have lots of money and such.

Really, I'm rather excited by the prospect. Perhaps now I won't have to struggle as much, and the team set-up will factor more into winning. I mean, I'll probably still fight against my fair share of Scarlet Witches... (no points for guessing what nickname I gave her.) But, the fact is, I won a practice fight against an Agent with a ranking of 1352. Not too shabby, considering I'm currently hovering around 1200.

Anyways, this update might give me the help I need to get back into the Vibranium League (after coming SO close last time.)

At this point in time, my PvP team is as follows:

Agent-Level 91
  • Level: 12
  • Uniform: Modern Bruiser
  • Role: Defending the team while doing damage of his own. A wrecking ball when fighting a team with Scrappers.

Ghost Rider
  • Level: 11
  • Uniform: Classic
  • Role: Getting the other team to have more Sin than is morally healthy, then using Burn Out to destroy everything. Alternatively, he can take advantage of a team's counters and use the second turn to reap a quick Vengeance boost to take care of annoyances (like Scarlet Witch.)

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