Firstly, I'd like to state my purpose and other stuff for these thoughts. They are to share my own experiences with heroes in using them, as well as talking about some finer points about them. They are not absolute "OMG BAI THIS HERO NAO 10/10" guides. I am not a master of M:AA, nor have I done every single possible thing. I just happen to spend time playing the game, and may have unlocked nearly every single hero along the way.

So, with that out of the way, let's get started up with a Hero I've used extensively in PvP, he was kind of recently nerfed but is still a formidable threat if taken lightly, time to cry Havok!


aka, The Hawaiian Tsunami Wave of Extreme and Brutal Force


This is the guy that replaced the Iron Pepsi-Can in my PvP team. He started off kind of "eh" (those of you who were around for that long will remember that his damage output was dependent on his Stamina), then was patched into something greater.

As he stands now, he is still very much a PvP and PvE contender, and for good reason. His Cosmic Absorption passive makes him tanky against certain attacks, guarentees he gets Cosmic Energy every turn (aka, the fuel that keeps him going and hitting hard), and Uncanny Coordination gives him potential to go for a one-two combo of the Sphere-Wave variety.

With him, despite maybe lacking a PvP hero bonus due to many of them being Level 9, I've made it to Diamond rank a number of times. Also, there's a certain satisfaction to getting an overkill of 100k.


Level 1: Shattering Punch (aka, That dude has some nasty buffs, and I can't kill him with the other moves.)

I've hardly ever found a use for this move, besides using it in his Heroic Battle. Doesn't make it TOO bad, though. Remove Buffs and the Melt Armor debuffs are nothing to sneeze at, but there really isn't much PUNCH to this punch besides that. (I'm not sorry.) Really, the only instance in which I'm likely to use this is against Mystic Shroud teams, when I can't apply my Exhaustions, or against a guy buffed to the point where he won't die, and needs to be taken care of. I guess this could also be used to support the team to help kill one dude harder. More opinion on this would be nice.


This move, on the other hand, tends to be my coup d'grace. Cosmic Energy to the max, enemy crippled with stat-debuffs, he takes aim, and obliterates (mostly. Don't ask me about Disoriented.) Honestly, what else can I say about it? This is the move that can wipe the floor with nearly any full-health opponent, the only downside being that it makes him lose a turn. But by then, there likely is significantly less firepower incoming. Also, his new A-Iso does a thing where it removes that, but increases the cooldown by one. I suppose that would be good for a support/tank Havok that focuses more on helping the team rather than getting out those bursts of energy. I use the Focused A-Iso, because I don't want to miss.

Level 6: Plasma Spheres (aka, Quick-Actions? Extra Turns? Cute.)

This is literally usually the first attack that comes out of Havok (unless Mystic Shroud.) It's AOE, it does Pressure Points (pairing wonderfully with his L2), it's Catastrophic, AND causes Exhausted. You know, teams with Quick Actions? Tacticians? Scroll of Angolob, Rescue? Bam. Reduced in effectiveness against this, just like that. It's a move with immense utility, and it only gets better with the Ionizing A-Iso. Why is that? Spam it more, gets out stacks and STACKS of Radiation Exposure (keeping his passive in mind.) He helps himself, he helps the team, and gets DOT potential. He doesn't even really need his L2 with this.


There really isn't any other way to say this besides, "this is what happens before someone on the other side takes a full six-pack of whoop-@$$". Maxes out his Cosmic Energy, recharges his Stamina, and a guarenteed crit? Do I really have to say anything else?

Fiiiine. It could also be utilized in keeping him tanked up (in case his Cosmic Energy got removed) and just to do a little extra damage. If you wanted to help out the team further, you could also slap a Gracious A-Iso onto this move, and give some Stamina to the whole team!

E-Iso Recommendations

  • Distant: Ranged attacks have higher chance to crit. Self-explaintatory, nothing special to note.
  • Relentless: Just a great E-Iso overall, keeps him spamming his L6 without worrying about stuns.
  • Surprising: 10% chance to stun, works alright with L6, but not good enough for me.
  • Unavoidable: Ha. HAHA. You think your little Avoidance effects can protect you?! BOOM. (Note: Works great against Synthetic Cube users!)
  • Grounding: Havok's personal E-Iso, gives him tank qualities, taking a hit for reduced damage for the team.


This guy has been great to me. Right now, he IS on the pricey-side of 200 CP's, but he's a purchase you won't regret if you like to kill enemies dead. His animations look cool, you can do insane amounts of damage with him, and I do believe that it's possible to turn him into a DOT tank of slow and crippling death, given his new E/A-Isos and the chance of buliding him in a fashion that augments his defensive capabilities.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read through this, and feel free to leave your own thoughts and comments about the format and what could be improved or added, or about anything involving your experiences with Havok! Until next time, this Seeker has to stop procrastinating from reviewing for another final.

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