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  • I live in Maryland
  • I was born on February 7
  • My occupation is College Sophomore/Unemployed
  • I am Mermaid Man
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    In my continuing efforts to procrastinate and burn time that could be spent on something more productive, I've decided that along with writing my thoughts about heros (you can find the one I wrote about Havok here), I'm going to write about gear! (Also, I probably should write more anyways. It's good, I think.)

    Granted, I'm not going to write just about ANY gear. I'm sure there are those that would dispute that the Needle Gun is the best weapon in the game (and I didn't just spend 10 minutes of my life trying to find out which weapon you start out with.) No, I'm going to be writing about the gear worth writing about, that really brings something new to the game, something that people talk about, something... That recently is being sold for …

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  • SeekerofD

    Firstly, I'd like to state my purpose and other stuff for these thoughts. They are to share my own experiences with heroes in using them, as well as talking about some finer points about them. They are not absolute "OMG BAI THIS HERO NAO 10/10" guides. I am not a master of M:AA, nor have I done every single possible thing. I just happen to spend time playing the game, and may have unlocked nearly every single hero along the way.

    So, with that out of the way, let's get started up with a Hero I've used extensively in PvP, he was kind of recently nerfed but is still a formidable threat if taken lightly, time to cry Havok!


    This is the guy that replaced the Iron Pepsi-Can in my PvP team. He started off kind of "eh" (those of you who were aro…

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  • SeekerofD

    Time well spent?

    September 10, 2013 by SeekerofD

    Well... It's been quite sometime since I've started playing M:AA, and... I've come quite a long way from deciding that I'd go for the characters that I was familiar with. I've been playing since before the first Spec Ops, and have observed the game grow and expand. I've become familiar with this wiki, and used it to further my experience, and I've played nearly every single day.

    From nothing, I've gained nearly every single 90 CP hero, leaving only a few of the originals, the first 3 Spec Ops heroes, and a few new ones left I need to get. I am soon going to acquire Captain Britain to gain access to Iron Fist's (the hero I chose after unlocking PvP) alternate costumes. I have gone through every Spec Ops, gathering gear and soon, those LE Her…

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  • SeekerofD

    So, the bonuses have been rebalanced, thus giving those lacking heroes and PvP-items (like me) more of a chance against those who... well, have lots of money and such.

    Really, I'm rather excited by the prospect. Perhaps now I won't have to struggle as much, and the team set-up will factor more into winning. I mean, I'll probably still fight against my fair share of Scarlet Witches... (no points for guessing what nickname I gave her.) But, the fact is, I won a practice fight against an Agent with a ranking of 1352. Not too shabby, considering I'm currently hovering around 1200.

    Anyways, this update might give me the help I need to get back into the Vibranium League (after coming SO close last time.)

    At this point in time, my PvP team is as fol…

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