I really don't know how I'm doing it: I have gotten to adamantium league. I'm just using Ghost Rider and Black Widow (Grey Suit Tact) with an Agent Tact Reinforced Trench (QJ - Sudden Suṕport - Laser Spotter - Golden Screaming Eagle). I'm beating guys that have every hero in the game on a decent level and about the same Armory Bonus. I'm just a regular lvl 84 player and I have currently 16 heros, 6 of them at level 12, 7 at level 11, 2 at level 4 and 1 at level 3. That's a decent Hero Bonus, but most of my oponents are better in that regard. I just con't explain myself how or why I'm winning so many battles.

I'm at 0.3% right now, with 1616 rating. I suppose the latest change to Black Widow is what boosted me to this league: I used to be 10~5% until then (when I saw the changes, I put BW back in my team instead of Black Panther). When I did that I won ~30 battles in a row and got to adamantium.

Is this the reason to that amazing improvement? Or am I just lucky? OR is there another reason?

By the way, I know probably you think I'm bragging or something, but I seriously do not know why I'm doing so well...

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