It has to be preeeeetty darn important to extend a pvp season with 30 min to go, I'd love to hear some of your speculations as to why this is happening.


Since they've never done this before, not with 'Nix not dying, not with Cyke proc's his JEAAAAN, not anything ever, I highly doubt this is going to be DP related

I'll just be posting this comment from a dedicated player:

So........Deadpool takes 3 turns and kills his team, so he gets pissed and thinks the answer is to extend the season with 10 minutes left. Not stop it right then and there on Saturday, and restart it when the problem is fixed??? Or warn people in advance that the season will be extended??

Wonder what his answer will be when he gets crushed by Flash-hackers??? or has a last day like most of us and gets hit with 100s of AFK fights in the last few hours, because the AI deems him the attack dummy of the masses??

Where were these type decisions when Emma's Cosmic Power was "OP" or the Armory bonuses were out of whack for part of a season, or Nix was "rebirthing everything and everyone??? or any of the other glitches in each and every season???

Pull the freakin' trigger, Pool. Pull the Freakin' trigger.

  1. Last Day AFK volume issue - I really do hope they set a maximum afk fights allowed per day to the attacks one has done for a day. Because as EVERY hardcore player knows, all that matters in a PVP season is the last day. But it has been going on for 13 seasons, one can hope but this probably isn't it.
  2. DP frenzy - among the favorites, getting extra turns and what not. Some has suspicions this is a front of some deeper issue we don't know about
  3. Something along the lines of Angel issue

This is probably the stupidest and most fan-dropping mistake PD has ever made. If they were aware of the issue since this morning when they come to work, they should have put up the sign right then. If you put up the notice early, people will still be unhappy but definitely to a lesser extent.

And to a certain PD employee on Twitter, please do not threaten us with you rage quitting twitter, you do represent an institution, and this childish act does not reflect good on you nor your institution, you should have just logged off like you said you would.

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