I'm attempting at writing a series of blogs that are not related to the core of MAA game play, but may still be of interest to people anyway. If you're developer of MAA and happens to stumble across this, please consider setting up a test server that allows regular players like me (wink wink) to do QA before general release.


  1. Customer files a ticket.
  2. Customer Services reads a ticket.
  3. CS determines where the ticket should go.
    1. If it's a bug, pass it to the company's issue tracking system.
    2. If it's a suggestion, stash it in a pile. When programmers get rid of the major bugs, they'll look into here.
    3. Everything else gets the generic response.

How to correctly file a BUG ticket

A well-written bug ticket gets the issue solved faster, an ill-written ticket wastes everybody's time and gets you angry. Today's course tells you how to write a well-written ticket.

Choosing the correct category

Getting the correct category is the first and most important step when filing a bug ticket. If the CS can't figure out you're reporting a bug, your bug isn't gonna show up in the issue tracking service, then it won't be seen by a programmer, and it won't get fixed. CS might be able to figure out you're reporting a bug if you stick it under a different category, but don't take your chances, they see tickets like fat kids see vegetarian food. OK, bad example, but you get the idea.

Describe the bug

With as much detail as possible. In general, you should include the following:

  • Item Name. If it's a supply, include supply name. If it's a gear, include gear name. If it's a hero, include hero name.
  • Attribute. Resist Burning of Flame Suppressant. Mystic Shroud of Mystic. Disrupting Shot of Wasp.
  • Description. Describe with as much detail as possible of the actual bug. The description should cover at least one of these areas:
    • how did the bug happen
    • the steps one can use to recreate the bug
    • expected behavior (what's it supposed to do) and actual behavior (what happened/what it does actually)
  • Include a screenshot or video of the bug. If the bug can't be described very well, include a picture that represents the bug.


I filed a bug ticket on July 7th, got a response on the 16th, a patched rolled out on the 18th with a fix to the bug I reported.


Here I've supplied the hero's name (Phoenix, Item Name), hero's ability (P5 passive, Attribute) and a description of the bug (expected and actual behavior). The programmer has enough information here to fix the bug.

That's all for today, til next time kids!

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