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Information presented here can become out of date due to updates. Please be patient with me while I work on updating it.

Also, as I don't check the comments section unless they happen to be in the recent activities page and/or the hotspots, if you have a question that you want a quick(er) response to, please drop me a message or I won't even know you were here.

Heroic Battles

Item Weight
Reactive Iso-8 5
Empowered Iso-8 5
Store Gear 8
Non-Reactive ISO-8 16
Premium Consumables 12
1 CP 25
3 CP 10
5 CP 3
Consumables 11

Cases where there's is more than 1 ISO store
and/or and none reactive ISO-8 are replaced.

Mission Empowered Iso-8
1 Fluxing
2 Thick
3 Berserking
4 Commanding
5 Knightly
6 Predictive


Item Weight
Reactive ISO-8 8
Boss Drop Gear 5
Store Gear 9
Augmented Iso-8 8
Premium Consumables 10
1 CP 25
3 CP 10
5 CP 3
Consumables 10
Mission Normal Mode Challenge Mode AISO
1 Mk VI Revolver Restored Mk VI Revolver Victorious
2 Radiation Emitter Gamma Radiation Emitter Endothermic
3 Odin's Steel Enchanted Odin's Steel Valhallan
4 Cracked Staff of Asklepios Staff of Asklepios Penitent
5 Chain Wrapped Fist Hardened Chain Wrapped Fist Tempestuous
6 Subsonic Sound Gun Amplified Subsonic Sound Gun Reflexive

Epic Boss

The odds are the same as the boss table.

Mission Normal Challenge AISO
3 Asgardian Gauntlet Tempered Asgardian Gauntlet Worthy
6 Incinerator Unit High Capacity Incinerator Unit Arachnid

Will get to EISO and AISO updates when time permits. Taking volunteers who wants to dig, PM our fb page and ask for me if you need instructions.

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