This is a simple walkthrough of Covert Task: Another Dimension, which may or may not contain useful information in aiding you through this task.

Task 1

This is the only task that's gonna get its own section because it involves a little bit more math.

For detailed math calculations, please go bother Titeuf24 so he can draft one.

  • His short version is this:
You will have enough shards if you fight all your daily 5 fights >> 100% chance

You will have enough incursion fields if you do enough incursions (which should normally be around 25 times, although your own bad luck would maybe indicate that there is sthing wrong with the odds on this one) >> 100% chance if you invest enough time.

for the one on the PVP roulette, 25 spins give about 60% probability of getting at least 5. And getting 3 or more has about 90% chance of happening.

Conclusion: provided you can invest the time (5 daily fights and at least 1 incursion per day), you have 60% chance of getting it for free and 90% chance of spending 20G or less.

Incursion Farming Spots

  • 2.2.6 - 30 Energy will get you 2 incursions, start by deploying Iron Man and clear a miniboss, provided you own Scarlet Witch. If that's not the case, read on.
  • Consult this guide, in short: 2.1.1 and 2.1.6.
    • start mission
      • if there is no medium/high threat encounter restart
    • complete medium/high threat
    • complete incursion
    • restart

Team Up Locations


Villain Locations

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