Contains spoilers
Information presented here are based on what I read in the magazines, prelude comics, interviews, leaked footage and information from journalist friends, believe or don't believe at your own risk.

  1. Loki tells Frigga He (Odin) is not my father! Frigga asks him Am I not your mother then? Loki took some time to respond No. Odin tells Loki that the only reason he is still alive is because Frigga still thinks of Loki as a son. Frigga still sends books and stuff to Loki in prison to help him pass time.
  2. Frigga did most of Loki's upbringing because Odin didn't know how to connect with Loki (as compared to Thor), so Loki has the closest relationship with Frigga than anybody else in the universe. It's also said Frigga is the one who taught Loki everything he knows about magic.
  3. Tom Hiddleston was asked by Chinese fans on which scene touched him the most in the film, to which he replied a funeral scene. I have posted this earlier, some stuntman leaked the plot saying Frigga was going to die in this movie. Revenge for his mother's death is his motivation to turn good, so to speak.
  4. Thor has some very interesting heart to heart conversations with Heimdall.
  5. Thor takes some prisoner home, one of those was a disguised dark elf, he broke out of prison and released some prisoner. Loki looks at him, then tells him to exit from the left stairs. It also seems the prisoner breaks some kind of protection mechanism.
  6. The dark elves' ark launches full on assault on the palace, lots of casualty.
  7. Jane becomes ill, probably caused by a spell from the dark elves.
  8. Thor tries to get Jane out of the palace, but he can't do it without Loki's help. Upon escaping, Loki asks Thor to unlock his cuffs. As soon as Thor does it, Loki stabs him with a knife and kicks him in the head (one of the gifs I have) and apparently cuts off Thor's hand (as you can see Thor's bone)

Note that they're not in chronological order, as in they are pieces of information I put together with my own dysfunctional brain.

My 5 cents:

  1. Tactician, maybe with a class changing ability to infiltrator, like the Loki I have on my profile page.
  2. Those who consistently argue Loki hasn't been good enough to join shield, remember things in MCU tend to work a little differently compared to the original comic book series. I reiterate the point that PKB has made: MAA is a promotional tool for Marvel in general, they do what they can do bring publicity/sales. Having Loki in game will certainly have PD get some extra dough from me.
  3. I do believe Loki isn't going to turn completely good. He's the God of Mischief, and after all he's been through in the first Thor movie and having Odin tell him You're not my son, I don't see him being permanently aligned with Thor. I wouldn't if I were him. If by the end of the movie he turns on Thor again, I will not be shocked.
  4. Sif and Heimdall play much larger roles in this film, since we're getting Heimdall, I expect some change to Sif, either a new alt or a rework of her modern armor. She's a rather poorly represented Godess of War in MAA atm. I'll be very happy to see the Anthony Hopkin version of Odin in game, even just a small cameo like the Mandarin.
  5. I wonder if the devs at PD are given an advanced screening of the movie before they pen the plot? I must ask this some time in the Dev Q&A.
  6. U.S. release date is on Nov. 8th. Anyone who dares to leak the entire movie synopsis before I see it will face my wrath, Savvy?

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