Things you should do to help us achieve this enormous feat, please do follow them to the dot.

1. Check if your Team-Up bonus are all tagged and correct. Ask me or any other AS chat members for the link to the document as I don't want anybody else that's not included mess up the work.

2. Create a Hero page under your profile, use this and this template. Detailed example here, click edit to see source code
Please use the following link: User:<yourusername>/ASHero.

3. Provide a 50x50 px icon you wish to use for your hero icon, this is going to be used for the AS team-up bonus template. MAKE SURE IT'S A IMGUR LINK (krongs, im not filing it under the normal TUB page)

4. If you still have time, make the 50/100/150/200 points team up for your hero. This will not happen unless everybody makes their own as the workload is enormous.

Image Editor

If you need any technical assistance, contact me, Grey, Krongs or dark. Post the links to your page and your icon in the comments.

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