A lot of people are have trouble getting the Maggia "Triggerman", I thought I would give a step by step guide on getting it. First things first, here is the link to the official PD guide [1].

Step 1

Start the game in iOS, follow the guide on screen, play until you have recruited Hawkeye. At this stage, you should have Ch.1 M.2 available to you.

Step 2

Click on "Allies"


You should see this


Log into Facebook, give permission to post. After that, you should see this.


Step 3

Exit MAA.
Do this by tapping the home button, then double-tapping the home button again, you should see a bar of apps that are running in the background, find MAA, tap and hold until you see the red x, click the x and MAA should be closed.

Step 4

Now continue gaming until you defeat Baron Zemo, once you defeated him, CLICK EXIT MAP.

Step 5

Log into FB version on your computer, you should see it in your inventory.

It still doesn't work for me!

You should file a support ticket with PD here [2] Happy Gaming!

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