Thought of this after opening 40 boxes. I want to know how many boxes it's going to take me to get Satana. Seems like this b&%#& can wreak havoc in pvp.

day # of boxes opened unique covers notable drops
1 50 4 none
2 50 3 nada

Got 7 covers after 90 boxes, from now I'm going to count how many boxes it's going to take me to get that last cover.

day # of boxes opened new cover? notable drops
3 20 nyet nichego
4 20 Nein nichts
5 30 Oui rien

Total LB opened for 8th cover: 80
Total LB opened for Satana: 170
Total LB opened: 38x
According to this awesome blog post here that's a 36.6% chance. Woohoo! Now to farming gears! I shall keep opening 10 by 10.

Total Rewards:

CPs reactive iso-8 notables
a lot. 70+? unnecessarily many

Enchanted Crowbar
 Enchanted Crowbar

Servoguard Programming Interface
 Servoguard Programming Interface


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