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Peekaboo has recently asked yours truly to keep maintenance of his CP Farming blog in case of his absence, so here is my attempt at a short version of his detailed guide.
You should skip to the yields section if math doesn't interest you.

The Weight

What is weight?

Think of each roulette as a bag containing marbles, a weight of 5 just means there is 5 of this particular marble inside the bag, similarly if the item's weight is 25, there's 25 of that marble, and so on. So, if an item has a weight of 5, and the total weight is 88, then your chance of getting that weight-5 item is 5/88 = 5.68.

For the purpose of this blog, the distinction between weight and chance is ignored because 1. the total weight of a roulette varies across chapters, we try to keep uniform for the sake of simpler math and 2. the difference really is negligible. However should you feel interested in mapping out a super detailed calculation, feel free to leave me your math details, I'll put it here.

Season One Chapters have the following weights for both Normal and Challenge Mode

Roulette Ch. 1-11 Ch. 12
Boss 25 for 1 CP
20 for 3 CP
5 for 5 CP
25 for 1 CP
10 for 3 CP
3 for 5 CP
Epic Boss 25 for 3 CP
20 for 5 CP
5 for 10 CP
20 for 3 CP
5 for 5 CP
1 for 10 CP

Season Two Chapters have different weight for Normal and Challenge Mode

Roulette C1 Normal C1 Challenge C2 and C3
Heroic Battle
25 for 1 CP
10 for 3 CP
3 for 5 CP
25 for 1 CP
20 for 3 CP
5 for 5 CP
25 for 1 CP
10 for 3 CP
3 for 5 CP
Epic Boss 20 for 3 CP
5 for 5 CP
1 for 10 CP
25 for 3 CP
20 for 5 CP
5 for 10 CP

The Math

Expected CP Return (ECR) is calculated by odds * amount of CP.
For example, ECR for S1C12 Boss Roulette is 0.25 * 1 + 0.10 * 3 + 0.03 * 5 = 0.7.

Roulette S1C1-11 S1C12 S2C1 Normal S2C1 Challenge S2C2 Both S2C3 Both
Boss 1.1 0.7 0.7 1.1 0.7 0.7
Epic Boss 2.25 0.95 0.95 2.25 0.7 0.7
Heroic Battle N/A N/A 0.7 1.1 0.7 Varies
Total 3.35 1.65 2.35 4.45 2.1 Varies

The ECR is then divided by the amount of energy required.
For example, S1C4M4 requires 70 energy to finish including the Epic Boss, the ECR would be 3.35/7 = 0.479 ECR per 10 energy.

CP Yields

This is just a list of popular places to farm CP. Season 2 Chapters are run in Challenge Mode.
For more details click here.

Mission Energy required ERC per 10 energy
S1C12M2 20 0.825 w/EB
0.7 without
S2C1M6 90 0.494
S1C4M4 70 0.479
S2C1M4 100 0.445
S1C3M5 80 0.419
90 0.372
100 0.335
110 0.305


Q:Has the rates of xxx changed?

Loki Dialogue Show me that probability-field trick. That's a good one.
The odds of drops hasn't changed, unless you're Scarlet Witch and changed it without Loki knowing.

Q:How long will it take me to get xxx CP?
A:Consult Titeuf24's blog. While you're at it, check out some of his other blogs, they're all very useful.

Q:Why are you doing this, why isn't Potkettleblack hosting the blog any more?
A: He got sick of people asking the same stupid question over and over again.

Q: Is there a way for the agent to not gain exp while farming for CP?

Nick Fury Dialogue Coulson, I've got the Hellfire Club, the Brotherhood, HYDRA, the Hand, and God only knows who else breathing down our necks. No time for leisurely nerd briefings.
Use the wiki, we have it for a reason.

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