Test your knowledge with these insignificant trivia questions about some of the more active members of this community (that I know relatively well). If you can answer them all correctly, you are as much of a stalker as I am.

I should add that there are a few more other members I'd like to add to this page, but due to my limited personal knowledge of these people I'm unable to come up with a good description, so they shall be in the honorable mentions section.

Let's test waters with elementary questions.

  • The guy that desperately wants Loki to be added to MAA.
  • The guy that wrote the how-to's of CP farming
  • The guy with ICEMAN SUCKS on his/her profile page, also the person with the most edits on this wiki
  • The guy that made the chat all-start movesets
  • The big boss.
  • The guy that vlogs his pvp fights.

Now, into more advanced territory.

  • The guy you should ask if you have questions concerning probabilistic math questions (often times concerning the odds of getting comic covers/certain pvp forge items)
  • The sprites guy. The his-wife-thinks-he-is-cute-but-he-is-not-sure-if-he-trust-her Brazilian
  • The awesome guy that works mission dialogue pages and hands out diet cokes
  • Lord of typos.
  • The polar bear.
  • Did somebody say ____? <insert youtube link>

You're still reading? I like your stalker potential.

  • The guy that made chat a cool place to be, Shiz's lovestruck little puppy
  • The CP Fairy.
  • The most intimidating person you'll ever meet in chat but actually is a goofball at heart, Arch's girl
  • The guy with AKB48 on his profile. He usually has a really cute Asian girl as his profile picture.
  • Yogurt. He often provides opinions on various subjects.
  • Ghost's biological mother.The stone cold witch (the last word starts with b)

Now you're just full on stalker.

  • The guy that really wants Dr.Doom as a lockbox hero. Hates Russians with a passion.
  • The DJ.
  • (Self-proclaimed?) Template Ninja
  • My smoke-bomb-throwing minion.
  • The really cute but totally un-brasillian Brazilian.
  • My fairy godfather/babysitter.
  • The biggest Spiderman fanboy in my life.

The more "villainous" figures

  • The guy that disappeared when we disabled badges.
  • Pot's best friend
  • Fem-nazi
  • "Use my template or I'll throw tamper tantrums"
  • The guy who has openly opposed me on several occasions in my pursuing of Loki as a LB hero, and as such we're not currently on speaking terms but I'm willing to extend a hand for the second time should he read this page again. He's also the answer to the Iceman question.

Honorable mentions (the order is purely random):
TheRavenHeart, Techparadox, Tahna, Inspector Javert, SilverScale777, Jeripengu, UV, MGeffro

Cheers mates, if you think you're worthy to be in this totally insignificant and totally worthless page, let me know and maybe we can make it work and satisfy your glory-hunting needs. Let the coconut throwings/flaming begin.


Let's test waters with elementary questions

Now, into more advanced territory

  • Titeuf24
  • Cyrus, see comment below.
  • Bob, diet cokes are often handed out in chat
  • Ghost, can be observed in chat
  • Darbs, apparently because he's Canadian.. and there's nothing except Eskimos and Polar Bears in Canada.
  • ISK, also see comment below

You're still reading? I like your stalker potential

  • Arch, who demands a description in this section because he's too significant to be without one, but since I lack the proper words this is the bull I came up with. Unless he provides a better one. One of the first members to use the chat regularly, often putting in hours of boring time alone with Ulty, Blast, Dark and a few other early regulars
  • Reg, used to be the CP hog, but now sworn to the duty of fairy
  • Shiz, my boss basically threatened to fire me if I didn't give her a description like the majority of the people here...
  • Dark
  • Xobai. Since he didn't know if his named was to be pronounced as Chobai(xoriço) or Ekzobai(Charles Xavier), I chose Chobai for him, and I noticed how the word looked similar to this
  • This dude, the birth happened before my time so I can't provide more information on this. Try asking the subject in question changed the question because he's disowned ghost and he wants to be "known as the stone cold witch that I am"(substitute w with b)

Now you're just full on stalker

  • Motti, also known as my taco.
  • Radio, not known to people other than the chat regulars
  • Shadow
  • Ninja, smoke bombs observed when he exits chat every time
  • Digo, the Brasillian who refers to futebol as soccer, and does not care about the 2014 World Cup that is taking place in his own country.
  • Psy, was only mentioned twice in chat, so don't feel bad if you didn't get this one.
  • The little dude that this post is dedicated to. He wishes to remain anonymous, as "Spiderman keeps his identity a secret in the comic book. Besides, if people found out I'm related to you they'll think I'm a weirdo too." (Since you're related to me, you're a weirdo by default already).

I shall not name the villains because I'm afraid I'll get best friends like Pot did because I believe in second chances.