Day 1

Mission 1

Fought 1 Low threat battle, 3 AIM soldiers down for the first task.

Put Beast on a deploy, he returns in two battles.

Fought 1 Medium threat battle, 3 more AIM soldiers defeated, first task complete!

Sent Black cat on another deploy, she returns after 2 battles.

Completed a deploy in a regular chapter mission, second task complete!

Defeated Crimson Dynamo, third task complete!

Beast called back.

Beast sent on another deploy, he returns after the next battle

Fought 1 High threat battle, used a distress call to complete the fourth task!

Called Beast and Black Cat back, sent Beast and Wasp (Required) on new deploys.

Fought 1 High threat battle.

Defeated Titanium Man (With Whiplash) and completed the fifth task!

Called back Beast and Wasp.

Finished Mission 1 with a score of 231,156 (1 Star)


Researched Armour Plating in the lab, time finished will be 18:00 BST

Mission 1 Revisited

Completed another run but instead did a three bird for the final boss, final score 266,534 (2 Stars)

Mission 2

Fought against 1 Low Threat, defeated 3 chemitech soldiers for task 7 (3/8)

Sent beast for a regular deploy.

Fought against a Medium threat and defeated 3 more chemitech soldiers, (6/8)

Fought against a High threat and completed task 7!

Completed mission 8 in a regular mission to save U-ISO8.

Completed mission 9 straight away.

Completed 5 pvp fights for mission 10!

Research 2

Researching the Repulsor Fist to obtain the Deflector Fist,

Day 2

Research 2

Finished researching the Deflector Fist to complete task 11!

Mission 2

Defeated Blizzard to complete task 12!

Mission 2 Revisited

Completed another run in order to push it up to two stars and to use Rescue to complete task 13!

Outside SO9

Completed and won 3 PVP fights for task 14!

Used 3 Armour Platings in a non-SO fight to save UISO and completed task 15!

SO Parking

I have now hit the wall that I usually hit within the SO, as I do not have enough UISO to research the Ferric Shield at this stage, at the time of writing this I have 16, I will park for a while and farm from allies, as well as farming CP from missions.

Day 3

Research 3

I Finally have enough UISO to research the Ferric Shield, now it is just a case of farming for CP to recruit both Punisher and Union Jack

Days 4,5

Both have been spent resting and waiting on the Ferric Shield research, 2 starred mission 3 in the mean time but saving ISO for the remainder.

Days 6-30

These days have been spent/will be spent farming cp to get Punisher, finally getting Rescue and trying to 5 star all 3 missions.

End of Spec Ops

Completed the task with roughly a week left for the spec ops.

Final mission standings:

Mission 1: 4 stars

Mission 2: 4 stars

Mission 3: 3 stars

Remaining UISO8: 31

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