So this blog will detail my journeys to get all of the remaining heroes plus the new ones that playdom intend to release.

It will mainly feature the groups that I want to get them in or my commentary about CP collection for use of the character's purchase. (all characters are listed in order of personal preferance for acquisition within each group)

Current Character Groupings


The main team behind this game, I already have some of these heroes (that appeared in either the film or the comics as founding members) and this list if for me to check off the remaining few.

Captain America

Captain America Dialogue 1

This war hero has been of interest for a while now, and he is certainly a fearsome opponent in PVP. Making him my second choice overall out of the Avengers. He also makes a good tactician/brusier to fight off the largely blaster/scrapper dominated meta PVP and will be useful as a shield while other heroes and the agent build up their effects and attacks.


Hulk Dialogue 1
For some reason I'm not that keen on Hulk in this game. I haven't played much with him on my team in the main story to remember how he plays but from facing him in PVP he seems too frail to be useful. Maybe he will prove to be a better addition than I  currently think but for now he is bottom of this list.


This is the largest body of heroes in the game currently and has the largest variety of moves and powers available for picking. I have always been a fan of the X-Men and I can't wait to get my hands on some members, as well as some unannounced ones that I hope get added soon.

Fantastic Four

I'm not too keen on the Fantastic Four really, but already possess two members so getting the other two is something I intend to do at a later date.


Thing Dialogue 1

Thing is probably my favourite F4 member due to his humorous nature and tone. That being said he just seems like a typical bruiser in the game without much uniqueness to offer so I'm not rushing to his purchase, but at the same time I wont be getting Mr Fantastic over him.

Pvp Heroes

These are the heroes that are available for winning for a short amount of time before being made permanently available for purchase at a later date. While some pique my interest others do not and the fact that they are up for purchase later leaves the option of always getting them only when I need them, which is essentially the policy that I have been/will take from now on.

SO Heroes

This section is for all past, present and future SO heroes, starting from Valkyrie I have obtained all released SO heroes and will aim to get the others if/when they are rereleased. I also intend to maintain my record of getting heroes from the SO missions from now on.



Emma Frost




Ghost Rider


Favourite Heroes

These ones are heroes not mentioned above but I consider important enough or they fit my personal tastes enough to be added to this list. When I'm not heading for a particular character in a particular set or I'm not saving up for SO then these are the heroes that I shall be pushing for.

Left Over Heroes

These are heroes that I have no 100% interest in as they complete no real set and would serve no beneficial interest to my team before an above mentioned hero would. Therefore they are of little priority and use other than adding a bit of a bonus to PVP stats.

Black Panther




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