• Samzy 123

    Fought 1 Low threat battle, 3 AIM soldiers down for the first task.

    Put Beast on a deploy, he returns in two battles.

    Fought 1 Medium threat battle, 3 more AIM soldiers defeated, first task complete!

    Sent Black cat on another deploy, she returns after 2 battles.

    Completed a deploy in a regular chapter mission, second task complete!

    Defeated Crimson Dynamo, third task complete!

    Beast called back.

    Beast sent on another deploy, he returns after the next battle

    Fought 1 High threat battle, used a distress call to complete the fourth task!

    Called Beast and Black Cat back, sent Beast and Wasp (Required) on new deploys.

    Fought 1 High threat battle.

    Defeated Titanium Man (With Whiplash) and completed the fifth task!

    Called back Beast and Wasp.

    Finished Mission…

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  • Samzy 123

    So this blog will detail my journeys to get all of the remaining heroes plus the new ones that playdom intend to release.

    It will mainly feature the groups that I want to get them in or my commentary about CP collection for use of the character's purchase. (all characters are listed in order of personal preferance for acquisition within each group)

    The main team behind this game, I already have some of these heroes (that appeared in either the film or the comics as founding members) and this list if for me to check off the remaining few.

    This war hero has been of interest for a while now, and he is certainly a fearsome opponent in PVP. Making him my second choice overall out of the Avengers. He also makes a good tactician/brusier to fight off…

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