Here I am again, going to chronicle my travels through the PVP roulette system, of Season 8.

Not to keen on this item, but that's because I have it already. I know it was "abused" with the Power of 4 when it was released, so I'll enjoy a new one, but I'm not going out of my way to get one.

Free Rolls

1 Gold
I hit PVP before the roulette was updated so I rolled on last season's table. Kinda glad I got this.
5 Battles - PVP
I have a fairly large stock of these. No real purpose anymore.
Kree Bracers
Total benefit is not higher than any of my items of current. Next season I may start slotting these things when I get them.
Phoenix Pinion
Aaaand what do I get but the roulette item on my fourth roll.
5 Battles - PVP
Kinda useful here. I ended up having to use a 3 battle token today. Not because the battles were hard, but because my Flash kept crashing on me. I'm not, and won't be, at my normal computer for a few days so I have to make due.
Diamond Cutter
Lower PVP bonus than my current set up. Not worth anything.
5 Battles - PVP
Now that I'm back on a regular computer, not as useful as before. But always useful in a pinch.
Thermite Torch
Getting kinda annoyed now, Gonna be hard to get Juggs at this rate.
Thermite Torch
2 Unstoppable Lockboxes
FINALLY! It's the least amount, but even at worst I have 2 more 7% chances for covers!

Gold Rerolls

Not Applicable. This is a good, weapon, but I got it during Spec Op 3. I don't need to dump a bunch of gold on a new one when I can reforge my old one. ESPECIALLY since I got one in the roulette. (If only I had this luck with the Hotshot)


It's actually stronger than my Warbringer's Axe. Not that it's going to change my lineup any. My WBA is 15 levels overleveled by now. And reforging it would cause it to become just as good (and thus better) than the Pinion.

Well it's nice to have the variety.

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