First off... This "Group Boss" that requires more than one agent, does not actually require more than one agent. You can kill him yourself, however he is tougher than Ultron was. I took out my own Red Skull in one battle, though it felt like it took longer than Ultron.

There is a timer showing ~3 days stating Red Skull will return. Until further notice, it is assumed to be his respawn time.


The above stipulation (whether your agent is alive or not) makes a battle that you COULD beat in 1 go ridiculously hard (comparatively). You WILL die to Red Skull every so often. So if you have heroes that tend to get hit a lot, or require lots of Stamina, your agent will have to handle that through Gadgets.

Each time I've fought him, it seemed that the battles lasted somewhere between 4 and 5 rounds. If you mouse over Red Skull you can see "Red Skull is Fleeing in X Rounds".


Red Skull will change class to his counter class's counter class. So if he starts as a Bruiser he will turn Tactician, etc. I have yet to have this be an actual problem for my teams of full initial counter class. And I ISO my heroes with pure ATK (sometimes ACC). My heroes are glass cannons, and even so I am not afraid of Red Skull changing to my counter class. I don't think you should be afraid of it either.

If you are having extensive trouble reaching the 10% mark, it might be wise to use a Counter Class + Counter Counter Counter Class team (ie. Bruiser + Tact Vs Scrapper Red Skull). I do not suggest this for those of you who have no problem dealing the required 10%, however. For you who can pull off 10%, these teams will decimate him leaving next to nothing for your allies... which goes against Red Skull Etiquette.

Red Skull Etiquette

Firstly, I shall go over Ultron Etiquette.

Ultron Etiquette was leaving your Ultron "in the wind" after having dealt 10% of his health in damage. This was done so that your allies could finish him off and join in the spoils. You would NEVER kill your Ultron unless his timer was just about to finish, and your allies hadn't killed him.

Also you would not collect any "victory" lockboxes, seen as "Collect Group Boss Rewards" for ~24 hours, to try and let allies in on the gain by "tapping the remaining 1%"

Differently from Ultron, We no longer receive a lockbox for dealing 10%. And instead of gaining 4 upon a kill we gain 10 (For our own Red Skull, only 1 for an Ally's).

It is likely that the best plan of attack is still to hold your Red Skull out in the wind for as many allies to "tap the 1%", but they've made major changes and the Spec Op is young.

Taking out an ally's Red Skull only grants ONE lockbox. Taking out your own Red Skull grants 10. So the return rate on focusing on Ally Red Skulls is DRASTICALLY lower. This is disappointing, but it's still likely to be the best plan to focus on ally Red Skulls instead of your own, as each Red Skull left "hanging in the wind" is another potential lockbox for you.

Deal your 10% and then Recharge until he kills you. Request for backup (preferably from 10 people you know will play against him), and wait for the rewards. Deal your 10% to any ally Red Skull that shows up.

Bruiser Mode





If Cable is hit with Red Skull's "Force Cage"-like attack, YOU WILL BE FORCED TO REFRESH YOUR BROWSER.

I did this on an ally's RS, so I didn't lose anything (and was able to fight him again), however if this happened to me on my own map, I probably would have lost 20 UISO and 10 energy.

I'd probably Avengers Thor, and maybe Blaster Hawkeye.

User Suggested Teams

Havok, for his extremely high attack power, and Blaster Original Ms. Marvel, for her many extra turns. - Chookymans

Cross Counter Teams

Iron Man (Mk 42/Blaster) + Black Cat (Catty/Inf) - BlackjackXIII

Havok, Gambit - Regulus22

Scrapper Mode

Unlike Ultron, Red Skull seems to not have any Protect Disable skills. And infact has a skill where he will target the next person to hit him. Making Herc a perfect choice.

I teamed Herc with Thor on my battle.

Ultron plan Bruiser Avenger's Thor, and Bruiser Avengers Cap. But bring whatever Bruisers you can that DON'T REQUIRE SET UP.

User Suggested Teams

Thundra, Cap Brit, and my agent to buff the team, apply targeted to RS, and generalize him when he turns blaster. - AWC, Game_Uber

Captain Britain and Collosus with debuff (Weakened/Slowed/etc) items on my Agent. - Mac7306

Captain Britain for his insane damage and X-23, even though I just got her, she is incredibly useful. - Chookymans

Cross Counter Teams

Iron Man (Mk 42/Blaster) + War Machine (Iron Patriot/Tactician) - BlackjackXIII

Omega Sentinel+Thundra, genralist agent with Warbringer+Monstrosity+Ionic Sledge+Sudden Support - TheRavenHeart

Juggernaut and Magneto - Regulus22

Blaster Mode


That's it. Hawkeye (level 9). With full Attack ISOs he can get you the 10% required alone. The man SHREDS Blaster bosses.

When I first went up against a Blaster Red Skull he only had 13%, but I had a team of Black Panther, and Hawkeye.

I got to Panther's second turn and then he was dead. These two are my powerhouse "generic" blaster boss devastators. Panther's Bleeds, and Heroic's Dots/Avengers' Coordinateds + follow ups just have me laugh at anything Blaster that comes my way.

User Suggested Teams

I use Tactician grey suit Black Widow (for her strong, stealthy flying kick) and Tactician Phoenix Five Cyclops for his passive. - Chookymans

Cross Counter Teams

Magneto and Ghost Rider - Regulus22

Tactician Mode

Having finally fought him in Ally maps, I used Cattly Black Cat, and Tigra.

The two times I found them, they only had 11% HP, so not much useful battle data here, but he DOES have the Force Cage-like move from his Bruiser form so beware of that.

He went down before my second round was over.

User Suggested Teams

Psylocke, for her mental Co-Ord and high psychic damage, and Nightcrawler, for his many bleeding attacks. - Chookymans

Cross Counter Teams

Gambit and Juggernaut - Regulus22

Black Cat (Catty/Inf) + Captain Britain - BlackjackXIII

Infiltrator Mode


He likes to place mind control on your entire team on his first turn, so saving a debuff removal weapon for then is important.

I used Ghost Rider and Catty Black Cat. For some reason he didn't start at 100% HP, but this team demolished him. He DID summon bruisers onto the field, but they were no threat.

User Suggested Teams

Union Jack, for his powerful pre-emptive counters, and Ghost Rider, for his way to destroy long bosses. - Chookymans

Wolvie and Unuin Jack. I just bring a QJ, and a scroll for debuff removal. - AWC

Cross Counter Teams

Ghost Rider and Havok - Regulus22

General Team Suggestions

Rogue is a solid choice for these fights as she self-replenishes, never has a class vulnerability, and can get a ton of extra turns. Tactician, Bruiser or Scrapper are all good times for Rogue. - Potkettleblack

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