Okay guys,

I know that techparadox has a blog on it and i am a tad bit late {Honestly i didnt have the courage to be a blogger (partly also because i suck at wikia editing)}. So i thought i would share out my experience so far in pvp ( I shall try to discuss about my strategy(and people who said i dont care about what ur opinions are i will just say that if u say that i will remember ur username and think of something bad to do to you and then forget about u the next second)). 

My aims for this season

Well i just want to win the 5 daily fights and get sabretooth and maybe ill try getting the can opener as the one at home is broken ( Lame joke i know i have yet to master the art of blogging). I do wish to get a better team than the one i have now preferebally voodoo with someone who exploits attrition and sets it up ( thinking of strange with his eiso)

My Attacking Team

For attacking i use the good old ww11 captain vibraniam sheild in his bruiser class along with the viking god of thunder in his mighty alt(bruiser) . It was suggested by a friend really and i dont really like the team but hey ive lost only 3 attacks this season so im glad. I use the aegis blaster armor (:) if u know what i mean) as it is my only armor with 8 slots along with the advanced idea (for the really long fights with shields and rescues and scrolls and tankers and healers), mystic (debuff immunity i need my cap to sheild for sometime),combat acceleration program (i need it for thorto charge up completely by round 2) and the synthetic cube (also for the long fights). So my strategy is if the agent goes before thor i use the advanced idea and combat acceleration program for thor to gather his might (ironic cuz his alt says mighty) and if my agent goes after i just use AI and cube or mystic for those ips and rescues..... For cap i primarily use his shield throw or leading strike.. for thor i gather up 3  stacks somehow and blow em away with his l9 ( if phoenix resurrects all of them i still have AI and cube). So thats my way of winning attacks (not the best strategy but hey it works)

My Defense Team

For defense i use luke cage and low lvl heimdall U know why the purpose of that team right.. its so i have easy wins by placing in a low league

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