Hello everybody, since this is my first blog post I probably wont make this one look very attractive ( Need desperate crticism and advice). I have noticed a lot of bugs in this game and some of them have brought devastating effects in my pvp because of my ignorance. So i have decided to make a post that can possibly help people solve their maa problems

Sheild's misinforming Intel

Loki's Bugs or deceits

  • Cursed mirror :When someone has cursed mirror and attacks a person with Mirror Reality the person does normal damage instead of healing
  • Cursed mirror: it doesnt always last 2 actions long
  • Loki always seems to go first (as long as there is no quicksilver) even though he doesnt have any such passive.

X-mens Bugs or betrayal

The imperfect Avengers

  • Vision phase bug: After vision gets phased with intangible fist and then uses microwave pulse he looses phased.
  • Iron man missing his catastrophic attack in his mk42 alt bug: His rocket bombardment in his mark 42 suit seems to miss a lot when im fighting group bosses

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