Dec 21 2012 was the first day i played this game and today is my first anniversary to this game ( woooow i really dont have any life *sigh*) I wanted to improve my blogging skills and to do that i thought i would do different types of blogs this shall be my first character revamp blog...


There have been a lot of complaints about Luke being weak but in my opinion Loki is even worse... so ive decided to refactor him

Self Passives:

Master of lies: Has a chance of avoiding attack and applying confusion*

  • Confusion: has a 50% chance of attacking allies and 25% chance of healing enemies. Considered a psychic debuff

Team passive: 

Master of annoyance: randomly enrages teammates by tricking them. Applies enraged


L1: The staff of loki: single target magic psychic melee low damage applies enchanted mind control

enchanted mind control: the target will protect loki for upto 3 attacks

L2: master of mirrors: multifunction

function a: uses cursed mirror on all enemies

function b: uses kaleidoscopic illusion* on all allies

  • 50% chance to dodge attacks.

l6:summoner of allies: multifunction

function a: summons the destroyer armor AOE high damage ranged burning intimidated cower dark void                      cool down: 99 rounds

function b: summon thor: thor does his l9 cooldown: 99 rounds 

l9: the casket of ancient winters: AOE magic ice high damage Deathfrost extreme exhaustion frozen tech*

  • tech abilities do not work for the next 5 rounds 

How did u like my horrible blog? please comment below

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