Banned From Chat
  • I live in New York
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is high school student
  • I am male
    • Galvanic arm can only apply 1x negative static charge
    • Positive Static Charge deals lower damage on a target who has negative static charge than it used to
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    1 year anniversary!!!

    December 21, 2013 by SYLVESTRO1299

    Dec 21 2012 was the first day i played this game and today is my first anniversary to this game ( woooow i really dont have any life *sigh*) I wanted to improve my blogging skills and to do that i thought i would do different types of blogs this shall be my first character revamp blog...

    There have been a lot of complaints about Luke being weak but in my opinion Loki is even worse... so ive decided to refactor him

    Self Passives:

    Master of lies: Has a chance of avoiding attack and applying confusion*

    • Confusion: has a 50% chance of attacking allies and 25% chance of healing enemies. Considered a psychic debuff

    Team passive: 

    Master of annoyance: randomly enrages teammates by tricking them. Applies enraged


    L1: The staff of loki: single target…

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    PVP progress season 12

    November 19, 2013 by SYLVESTRO1299

    Okay guys,

    I know that techparadox has a blog on it and i am a tad bit late {Honestly i didnt have the courage to be a blogger (partly also because i suck at wikia editing)}. So i thought i would share out my experience so far in pvp ( I shall try to discuss about my strategy(and people who said i dont care about what ur opinions are i will just say that if u say that i will remember ur username and think of something bad to do to you and then forget about u the next second)). 

    Well i just want to win the 5 daily fights and get sabretooth and maybe ill try getting the can opener as the one at home is broken ( Lame joke i know i have yet to master the art of blogging). I do wish to get a better team than the one i have now preferebally voodoo…

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    Hello everybody, since this is my first blog post I probably wont make this one look very attractive ( Need desperate crticism and advice). I have noticed a lot of bugs in this game and some of them have brought devastating effects in my pvp because of my ignorance. So i have decided to make a post that can possibly help people solve their maa problems

    • Mystic shroud gets removed by bologna.
    • Incapacitation wears of faster than it should
    • Blade of the Guardian gives its passive to the person it hits as well as the enigma.45

    • Cursed mirror :When someone has cursed mirror and attacks a person with Mirror Reality the person does normal damage instead of healing
    • Cursed mirror: it doesnt always last 2 actions long
    • Loki always seems to go first (as long …

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