Dear Princess Celestia, I'm not equipped to handle the fight against Tactical Force and two Militants. There, actions cannot apply statuses. I thought of getting Wolverine to stand a chance, but 90 CPs take a million years to obtain. Since I've made powerful custom movesets for both you and Applejack, the two of you should be able to handle this. Your Princess of The Sun passive makes you immune to Burning, and both of you can protect and heal allies (the latter is a Quick Action), and have attacks that cannot be protected against. You also have Deadly Crits. Applejack is also a Bruiser, so her stats increase as she attacks and is attacked by the Militants. (Her alt also lets her dodge and counter attacks.) Trixie's Alicorn Amulet Bruiser alt could probably work too with either of us, since she protects allies, preemptively counters attacks and gets Enraged with Scrappers around.

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