At the request of a user on the MAA subreddit, I decided to try my hand at coming up with a PVP tier list.

It's a bit more of an involved project than I initially considered, so there will be some fine tuning done over the next few days. Keep in mind this is a work in progress. I'll see if I can keep the tier list up to date from season to season.

Also keep in mind that it is difficult to assign proper value to each hero. With the vast number of options MAA offers, there are prone to be several sleeper heroes and combinations that can be extremely powerful that have not been discovered yet. Along those same lines, it can be difficult to judge the offensive capabilities of certain heroes since through playing the game you are paired solely against defensive teams which can (and often do) drastically differ from effective offensive teams. That being said I welcome any feedback for changes, but be prepared to have at least a short discussion and be able to provide at least some evidence or experience to back up your opinion.

NOTE - I don't recommend using this tier list as a road map for determining which heroes to purchase unless you are maybe trying to close out the current pvp season as strong as possible. The meta shifts randomly, so heroes that are god tier this season may not perform well next season. Particularly low level players should focus on purchasing cheaper heroes to help round out their rosters and prepare for Spec Ops deploys.

Initial consideration

The meta for PVP is an interesting beast, in that it sometimes changes drastically from season to season and sometimes remains stagnant for periods of time. A difficult aspect to consider is that while the meta changes, there are generally several viable strategies that can be effective. Because of this I'm attacking the tier list from a series of perspectives. Some of which are listed below.

Popularity - Popular heroes are used for a reason, they tend to win. Because they are used often, popular heroes are generally easier to place in a tier list because I have experience in dealing with them. Popularity is a key factor in which tier a hero falls under but is not the sole determining factor.

Flexibility - In a sense, the meta for MAA functions a lot like the class wheel that governs weaknesses and resistances in game. Your offensive team may easily deal with a Rulk/Pestibeast team but have troubles with Gamora/Groot. Because you cannot predict with exactness which team you will be paired with, flexibility is key to being able to adapt to each situation. Heroes that are flexible are less likely to change tiers, because their kits allow them to inherently match the current meta. 

Reliability - I'm not a fan of heroes that rely too much on luck to be effective. Unfortunately, luck plays a decent factor in the game. Some heroes can circumvent the odds and be effective even in unlucky situations while others are inconsistent. 

Explanation of Tiers

God - Currently the strongest heroes. The odds of seeing at least one of them in every fight is very good, particularly at higher levels. 

Excellent - Strong heroes that either often accompany god tier heroes or fulfill a potent niche role of their own.

Above Average - Heroes that are above average, not as commonly used as god/excellent tier heroes but can provide answers to current top meta teams.

Average - Heroes that don't have a particular place in the current meta, but really don't have any inherent flaws about them. Average tier heroes can be made to work in a niche strategy but are not currently all around strong heroes. Most average tier heroes lack inherent flexibility.

Below Average - Heroes that do not perform well in the current meta. Typically these are heroes that require too much time to set up to be effective or are difficult to make use of.

Never Use - Heroes who, in their current state, I recommend not using under any circumstances. 

Tier List - PVP Season 17


Beast (Pestilence alt), Gamora, Groot, Iron Fist (Heroic Age alt), Luke Cage (Nul alt), Psylocke, Quicksilver, Red Hulk

Gamora for the first time has taken a dominant role this season. Demoralizing shout is incredibly difficult to deal with and when paired with Groot she has excellent survivability. Luke Cage also for the first time has had a strong presence this season using his Nul alt. Iron Fist is continues to be strong with the use of his e-iso for combo breaker. Quicksilver remains consistently strong, the ability to regularly go first in combat and with the introduction of some new a-isos for melee attacks mean he's only gotten stronger. 


Deadpool, Heimdall, Invisible Woman, Magneto, Omega Sentinel, Sandman, Satana, She-Hulk (Skirn alt), Star-Lord, War Machine (Pepsi alt)

Heimdall had some bug fixes performed which has increased his viability. The ability to completely stop attacks passively is very strong. Likewise She-Hulk as Skirn is strong thanks to the ability to stop enemy attacks for free. Satana remains a strong hero, due to the ability to benefit from debuffs which most heavily defensive teams rely on. Omega Sentinel reigns as the queen of flexibility allowing her to maintain a high place.

Above Average

Ares, Avalanche, Daredevil, Emma Frost, Falcon, Fandral, Juggernaut, Rescue, Rogue, Sabretooth

Ares has a number of tools for dealing with current defensive teams, such as a full team stun and full team despair. His greatest weakness is being paired against Iron Fist. Daredevil is listed here because of his potential to deal with Gamora. Man with no fear counters cower and the ability to bypass any protecting heroes with radar sense makes him the ideal hero for countering the most popular hero in the current meta. Rescue is not as dominant as she has been in the past, but is still a strong support character particular when equipped with the snappy service e-iso. Falcon and Emma Frost are both strong supporting characters, but require that the other characters be strong damage dealers to be effective.


Angel, Anti-Venom, Bishop, Black Knight, Black Widow, Black Panther, Cable, Captain America, Captain Britain, Cyclops, Daimon Hellstrom, Doctor Doom, Dr. Strange, Doctor Voodoo, Domino, Drax, Elektra, Havok, Hawkeye, Hercules, Hogun, Hulk (Grey Alt), Iron Man, Ka-Zar, Kitty Pryde, Mockingbird, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Punisher, Scarlet Witch, Shanna, Sif, Spider-Man, Squirrel Girl, Spiral, Storm, Thor, Union Jack, Valkyrie, Volstagg, Wolverine, Wonder Man, X-23

The current defending meta makes oneshot heroes less effective than they have been previously, Havok is the hero most drastically affected by this. Hercules is hampered by the fact that every team will be running something to cleanse buffs with or apply at least pressure points debuffs. Ms. Marvel is a notable honorable mention that could well fit into a number of strategies using her Captain Marvel alt, but I'm unfamiliar with any strategies that currently use her. Mr. Fantastic is listed here as a personal bias of my own, as I feel his potential understated. 

Below Average

Agent Venom, Black Cat, Fantomex, Gambit, Ghost Ride, Hank Pym, Human Torch, Loki,  Moon Knight, Moonstone, Nico Minoru, Rocket Raccoon, Shatterstar, Sunfire, Taskmaster, Thane, Thundra, Tigra, Wasp

Agent Venom, Moon Knight and Task Master all suffer from their lack of reliability. They have lots of potential flexibility but their mechanics don't allow you full control over how they play. Gambit and Shatterstar are heroes that have very high potential damage output but require too much set up to manage it efficiently. Nico Minoru's passive is rendered unfortunately ineffective by the amount of killing blow attacks in the current meta which hurts her viability.

Never Use

Black Bolt, Colossus, Constrictor, Spider-Woman, Thing, Vision  

I doubt much commentary is needed here. These are generally considered to be the weakest heroes. 


Blade, Fixer, Gorgon, Kang, Karnak,  Medusa, Morbius

Heroes that are either very new or I just haven't used/seen them used. Blade in particular is suffering from some bugs on his L2. But his Daywalker passive could well be useful for dealing with the cube. Morbius I suspect is going to be a below average since his L9 is so unpredictable.

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