PVP.. now this is one learning curve for me.. and each time I'm in the PVP, I feels like I'm being slaughter by other player that is way much superior in planning and setting up combo for maximizing their heroes

Been playing since the session 1 but I'm not proud to say that I have yet to end the session in Diamond

However that have not stop me in playing and now, I have finally found my leg in PVP and learning to appreciate it. I don't win as often that I would like but at least, I won't get slaughter and I start to farm for nice slotting.. (10.6 for now)

I am going to do some testing here, using Heroes that I don't see very often or not even seen at all in PVP.

I have these Hero in my hand

1) Nightcrawler

-> All of his attack is stealth, worth trying to ignore the Protect capability

2) She-Hulk

-> Burst of speed - instant double attack that I really love

3) Luke Cage

-> Brawl + Protect = counter attack ...

4) Ms Marvel

-> Got her not long ago but she's really a glass cannon ?

5) Cyclops

-> I have the P5 Tact , just kinda suprise I don't see him anymore in PVP. His L6 used to give me alot of problem when I started PVP and my HT hated P5 Cyclops with passion (now it's Cap)

With the exception of Nightcrawler (level 7) the rest of the Heroes that I have is already L10 and it would appear that i have one Hero from each of it class

I will start testing this out once I save enough Crystal to slot all of them for a fighting chance in PVP. They might not win at all but I do believes they worth something as I'm really tired in seeing Emma, SW, Wolverine, Pyslocke, Dr. Strange in the game..

  • I'm guitly of having my DP move out after one day in PVP  , in favor of Wolverine and Herc for AFK

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