• I live in Malaysia
  • My occupation is IT Specialist
  • I am Male
  • RookPiece

    Well, the first anniverary of MAA is gone and the only damage that I have taken up is Mockingbird.. drain up my 150 CP + 5 gold ( as I don't have the time to get up farming more often over the weekend)

    With my entire CP wipe off, I'm now have to rush for it and regain at least some of my CP before the beginning of another Special Ops.. And now with the release of the preview of Iron Man 3, there will be an alt Uniform for War Machine ( hopefully it's not a limited edition as I'm gonna suffer alot if this happen as I don't even have War Machine)

    Spend about 4hrs farming at 4.4 and 5 star on one of my mission ( I have neglect most of my mission and focus mostly on CP farming ever since Special Ops 4), I have regain 26 CPs..

    And since the baseli…

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  • RookPiece

    PVP with the unpopular

    February 28, 2013 by RookPiece

    PVP.. now this is one learning curve for me.. and each time I'm in the PVP, I feels like I'm being slaughter by other player that is way much superior in planning and setting up combo for maximizing their heroes

    Been playing since the session 1 but I'm not proud to say that I have yet to end the session in Diamond

    However that have not stop me in playing and now, I have finally found my leg in PVP and learning to appreciate it. I don't win as often that I would like but at least, I won't get slaughter and I start to farm for nice slotting.. (10.6 for now)

    I am going to do some testing here, using Heroes that I don't see very often or not even seen at all in PVP.

    I have these Hero in my hand

    1) Nightcrawler

    -> All of his attack is stealth, worth …

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