Thanks to her recent buffs, Rogue has moved up on the PvP Ranking Lists.  Naturally this means people are already complaining about her being OP.  Fight Smarter, not Harder!  Here's some tips to help.

  1. Generalize!  The Debuff will remove any Class Bonuses she gets.
  2. Buff Removal!  Her Class Bonuses can be removed, not to mention Kree Speed/In The Fray.
  3. Squirrel Girl!  Admittedly, this is my solution for everything, but there actually is some logic here.  Her Super Squirrely passive can neutralize Rogue's 100% Melee Attacks, her L1 can stop her from getting extra turns, her L6 won't provoke counters and can place Flanked, which is a fantastic Debuff, and her L9 is also Stealthy and hits hard.
  4. Stolen shamelessly from TechParadox: Recognize what the buffs give her. Blaster gives her auto-crits and Ignore Defense, which is brutal when she whacks you with her Brawl and its Deadly Crits. Bruiser gets her Enraged from ANY hit, not just ones from/on Scrappers. Scrapper gets her a free follow-up attack with Brawl. Infiltrator gets her Stealthy, free counters, and a 30% damage buff. Tac gets her an extra turn after any attack she makes on her turn. Generalist just gets her an across-the-board buff. Out of all of these, Scrapper is probably the least dangerous one for her to have, but they're all pretty massive.  You won't be able to do much about her counter-attacks, but if at all possible limit her options by forcing her actual attacks toward one one character or another.
  5. Her L2 and counter, and her L6 are Bio attacks.  If you can neutralize those, say through a TO Endo, you can keep her not buffed.  You'll still take the damage, but avoid making her tougher
  6. Stealthy attacks.  She can't counter Stealthy Attacks, so Inf heroes and agents (after getting CR), and many other heroes can get right by her.
  7. Bring your own!  If you can't beat them, join them.  And she really is a good character and easily worth the 90CP.

If you all have some other ideas, and you're willing to share them, please go right ahead in the comments.

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