Back in the Season 6 Pre-game post I made, I said I was aiming for Vibranium League in the Sub-1% area.


That's 0.84%.  I'm not un-happy with that.  Obviously, I would have liked the free hero for Adamantium League, but I did pretty well for myself.

The Numbers

Wins:  Attacking wins- 153, Defending wins- 78

Losses:  Attacking losses 24, Defending losses 153

Things that improved

Armory Bonus-  I went from aprox. 40K in both at the end of last season to 54K offense and 52K defense bonus at the end of this one.  Between the new items and the reward spins of the tournament, I managed to replace all of the low value items I had.

Heroes- I managed to train up many different heroes, most to level 10 and that sweet Bronze bonus.  I also manage to recruit a few new heroes; Cable, Hank Pym, and X-23.  And hopefully, I can get Black Knight, Vision, and Omega Sentinel here shortly.

Offense- I made 30 more attacks and won them.

Weapons- So this season, I started out with some new weapons rather than using the old Ghost Tank loadout I was using.  Not only was the damage diffrential much better, the loadout was much simpler for the AI to use in defenses, at least in the beginning and middle of the Tourney.

Things that still need work

Heroes-  Still missing several, mostly Brutes, and a couple of the popular ones like Wolverine and Thor.  I need to get those ASAP after I get Black Knight.  And I still need to train up the ones I do have more.

Defense-  My defense this Season was actually WORSE than last season, most of that on the last few days of course.  Early on, I was holding my own, but I was still losing points days.  Add in my lack of Offenses and I had a hole to dig out of on several days that didn't cover my losses.

ISOs-  I hit level 125 near the last week.  And between using the Shield Points for training heroes and researching the new ISOs, I'm always short on SP.  Yes I do use the Free Stuff Links every two weeks, but I think I just need more allies.  Looks like it's time to go recruiting from here on the Wiki.

The Team- I used Captain Britain and Swashbuckling NC (Inf version) along with my Generalist Agent.  And while it was a good team for offense with all the debuff synergies and bleeds, it wasn't that great of a team for defenses.  There are too many Wolverines, Ghost Riders and Scrapper Agents running around for NC to be useful in the hands of the AI.  In fact, he was usually the one that died the most!  CB was smacked with the Nerf Bat in the face at the beginning but he's still a very powerful Hero.

The OTHER Team- Boy if those other guys would just not show, I could win the Tournement easily!  No, not really that.  What I mean is that I need to figure out how cover my weaknesses against certain Heroes, mostly Wolverine and Phoenix.  Those two were almost always my biggest threat, not counting the Agent.  But while I can never plan for every single agent variation, I CAN plan for Wolverine and Phoenix, though I know that it will create a NEW weakness that I'll have to figure out.

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