Another PvP Season, another weird as heck change to how PvP works.  This time the Hero is Domino, who I've come to like after the recent Cable and X-Force comic series, and she's a blaster, which means I want her for her hot Hero Bonus.

The Setup

So thanks to the new way the Armory is set up, I un-slotted everything and set everything to give an equal bonus to my Attacking and Deffending teams, and roughly an equal Offensive and Defensive Bonus.  Page 6 will have to wait until tomorrow since I'm currently doing the research from the Spec Ops.  Yes, I'm slow.  Shameful.  Page 6 is currently being researched. Page 6 is done!

Offensive: 68543 78915

Defensive: 67657 79323

The Teams


Squirrel Girl, Lvl 13  E-ISO: Aggresive, Surprising.

Modern Thor, Lvl 12, No E-ISO

Ares, Lvl 13 E-ISO: Hardened, Surprising

Aegis Inf Agent:  Watcher, Protector, Guardian of Attlian, Synthetic Cube

The E-Theory is that all of SG's attacks are Melee, so everything she does, other than Nuts to This, boosts her attack.  And with the amount of follow up attacks, assists, and defenses she does, it adds up quick.  Add in the Acorn Power attack bonus and she becomes a heavy hitter.  Ares is kinda bad, but I don't have the CP for Relentless, and even if I did, I have other things to spend them on.


P5 Cyclops (T), Lvl 13 E-ISO: Protective

Modern Thor, Lvl 12, No E-ISO

Ares, Lvl 13 E-ISO: Hardened, Surprising

Bruiser Power Armor Aegis Inf Agent:  Watcher, Protector, Guardian of Attlian, Synthetic Cube

Okay, Protecive isn't as good as I could have hoped it was, but Distant is the only one that would be okay, and even then, the P5 passive does the same thing.  Cyclops has kind of crappy choices for E-ISOs.

November 12, Day 1

6 Attacks, 5 Wins, 1 Loss

The loss was to a Cube Agent, his Darkest Void, caused my Agent to hit SG, then SG joined in to hit herself, and to rub it in, so did Ares.  Then his Ares Stunned my Agent, and I went down in the 5th round, Prob Field debuffs wiping out my team quickly.

Reward: 5 Lockboxes.

November 13

+115 Rating, 23 battles.  Only 8 Losses, that's actually kinda good, too bad it's early still.

6 Attacks, 5 Wins, 1 Loss

Loss was to a team of Scrapper Agent, Wolverine, and Ares.  Switched my Agent's Trench from Inf. to Bruiser, and I fight nothing but Blasters and Tacticians.  And Ares.

Reward: 2 LBs

November 14

+30 Rating, 6 Battles  4 Wins, 2 Losses.

6 Attacks, 5 Wins, 1 Loss

Loss came from an Ares that went first and Stunned my Team, My Agent never got a turn.  Encountered Heimdall for the first time, his big "NOPE!" passive did a decent job against Ares and my Agent.  Oddly enough, he didn't "NOPE!" Squirrel Girl.  I guess nothing can really stop her.

Reward: 5 PVP

November 15

-105 Rating 11 Battles, 2 Wins, 9 Losses.  Ah.  That's more in line with what I expect.

6 Attacks, 5 Wins 1 Loss

Have I mentioned how much I hate the Mystic?  Because not laying down any debuffs is annoying. Winning team was am Empowered Inf Agent, Ares, Cable.  Agent and SG got stunned by Ares, then my Agent never got a turn. 

Reward: 2 LBs

November 16

-63 Rating 12 Battles, 4 Wins,  8 Losses

7 Battles, 5 Wins, 2 Losses

Both losses had the Mystic in play.  The first one was a Full Party Stun from Ares, the other was surprising Mags, BSQS (gen) and an Inf Agent (I think).  Anyway, I switched my teams around and I did better.  Swiched my Agent back to Inf since I was seeing more Tacts and Blasters than Scrappers.

Reward: Marksman Spotter

November 17

+31 Rating 6 Battles, 4 Wins, 2 Losses

6 Attacks, 5 Wins, 1 Loss

My loss tonight came from a Juggy, GSBW (T), and Inf agent with an armory bonus of 106K.  He hit like a freaking sledgehammer.

Reward: another Marksman Spotter.

November 18

Eh, sorry, just did my 5 wins +1 loss late at night and quit.

Reward: 5 PVP

November 19

-33 rating, 8 Battles, 3 Wins, 5 Losses.

6 Attacks, 5 Wins, 1 Loss.  Imagine that.

The loss was to a team of Ares, B&T Wolverine (S), and a Scrapper Agent.  Stuns seem to work much more than they did before, as both Thor and my Agent were stunned in the first round.

Reward: 5 LBs

The Lockboxes from today pushed me up to 7/8 Covers for Sabes.  And at most I can get 6 dupes, so I probably have him locked up.

November 20

-28 Rating, 9 Battles, 4 Wins, 5 Losses.

5 Attacks, 5 Wins.  Holy Crap, that's the first time That's happened.

Reward: TP Beacon

November 21

-112 Rating 7 Battles, 7 Losses

6 Attacks, 5 Wins, 1 Loss

Jeebus, that first battle sucked.  Full Party Stun by his Ares, then my Agent dies without getting a turn.  Still won, thanks to Thor, but still...  Then I die on the next one to a Magik, P5 Emma (T) and Inf Agent, mostly because I misread the little icon for Migrane as the one for Mental Anguish.

Reward: 2 LBs

November 22

-1 Rating 2 Battles 1 & 1.  The heck?  Was everyone out getting XBOnes last night or something?

6 Attacks, 5 Wins, 1 Loss.  Again...

Reward: 2 LB

November 23

got home late due family obligations.  I had a bunch of attacks because I kept getting stunned in the first round (thanks Ares...), so I switched my setup around.  Removed the Guardian and Protector of Attlian, added the VT and Mystic for my Attacking Team.

Reward: 2 LBs

November 24

22 Battles!  9 Wins, 12 Losses, 1 Draw (the heck?)

7 Attacks, 5 Wins, 2 Loss.

And changed my setup for my Defending team as well.

Reward: 2 LBs

November 25

I didn't get my attacks in until 2am or so, so I didn't bother keeping track of how I did on Defense other than I lost some points

7 Attacks, 5 Wins, 2 Losses.  Switched my Agent back to Brute.

Reward: 2 LBs.  And with the boxes here, I got my last Sabretooth cover, so I got almost all that I care about for this Tourney.

November 26

Rating +26 wait, what?  It went up?  It can do that? 12 Battles, 7 Wins, 5 Losses.

5 Attacks, 5 Wins

I love Patch Day, so many new bugs going around.

Reward: 10 LBs, now that I don't need them anymore...

November 27

Rating -74, 21 Battles 8 Wins

6 Attacks, 5 Wins, 1 loss.  The only loss was thanks to turn order and the RNG Gods, since I fought that same guy two battles later and won easily that time.

Reward: Marksman's Spotter #3

November 28

Happy Thanksgiving, here's -55 rating, 18 Battles 8 Wins

6 Attacks, 5 and 1 again, imagine that.

Reward: TP Beacon

November 29

-47 Rating 10 Defenses 3 Wins

5 Attacks, 5 wins

Reward: Wakandian Insignia

November 30

-142 Rating Owwww... 19 Defenses 5 Wins

5 Attacks, 5 Wins

Reward: Marksman Spotter #4

December 1

-47 rating or so

5 Attacks and Wins

Man, getting Sabes so soon really affected my desire to do PVP, especially when it's late at night.

Reward: TP Beacon

December 2

-76 Rating 9 Battles, 2 Wins

9 Attacks, 5 Wins

Yeah, that happened.  Win 1, narrowily lose the next two, win the next one easily, get blown out the next.  Ugh.  And they fixed Thor.  I knew it was going to happen today, but it still stinks.

Reward: TP Beacon

December 3

-20 Rating 13 Battles, 6 Wins

6 Attacks, 5 Wins, 1 loss to Flash crashing

Reward: TP Beacon

December 4

-61 Rating 18 Defenses

7 attacks, 5 Wins, 1 loss, 1 CVE.  First time I've had one of them in a while.

Reward: Marksman Spotter #5

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