PVP Season 6 starts today, I got my game face on, let's do this.

The Plan

I've ranked Diamond, Vibranium, Adamantium, Adamantium, and Vibranium in the past five Seasons, so I'm aiming for Vibranium again this season in the Sub-1% bracket.  We'll see closer to the final day if I can make the push into Adamantium again, but my money is on the fact that the closer I get to it, the higher the Armory Bonus Imbalance gets against me.

The Preparation

Got as many of my heroes trained as I could.  Got a new hero and I'm close to getting Hank Pym.  Picked out a new team to field, and a new load-out to fight with.

The Team

I'm running a Generalist Agent (oh, how I wish the armor this season was a Generalist one) armed with:

1. Chakra Strike

2. Army of One Cat's Claw

3. Scroll of Angolob

4. Magnetic Field Generator

My Heroes: Captain Britain and Swashbuckling Nightcrawler, Infiltrator version.

Chakra Strike applies debuffs that both CB and NC can exploit; CB getting extra turns (hopefully, all praise to the Random Number Gods), and NC being able to Chain Teleport after Triple Threat and setting up Bleeding on the other team.  The Bologna Scroll will clear up any debuffs/conditions on me and wipe the buffs off the other team, and the MFG will protect my guys and give extra turns.

Edit to add: Switched over to the Cat's Claw, figured the extra bleed and maybe the Hemorrage might help, especially with NC doing crazy bleeds everywhere.

The Heroes

So why Captain Britain and the new Nightcrawler alt?  Captain Britain is, even after the bug-fix/nerfing in the 3/20 update, still one of the best heroes out there.  His Smashing Stun is still effective, he still hits like a truck, and he still gets LOTS of extra turns.  It just takes some more work to do so.  No problem, I can work with that.

Nightcrawler, on the other hand, got a nifty new upgrade.  His Swashbuckling passive causes Bleeding on all his attacks and his Ambush will also cause Hemorrhaging and Ambush procs after Triple Threat against the entire team AND it can proc again after being used as attack.  It's a thing of beauty to see.

The Flaws

Nightcrawler is still frail, still gets eaten by Scrappers like Wolverine and Ghost Rider.  Ghost Rider in particular is dangerous, since the extra Ambushes from TT will proc Sin, and so will the Bleeding applications.  That's SEVEN Sins from one Triple Threat.  If GR is able to use Burn Out, he's gonna HURT.

Captain Britain can take care of the Scrappers, but he's still weak to Blasters and to Buff/DeBuff removers.  Blasters like Doc Strange and Phoenix and Bologna Scrolls are not in short supply either.

EDIT: Bleeds can do some heavy damage to this team with the extra attacks everyone gets.

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