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    Hey all, this is my first big guide I've done for this Wiki and I decided to figure out how I wanted to slot the Empowered ISOs for my heroes.  Superex did a fantastic guide about the how's and why's of each of the E-ISOa fantastic guide about the how's and why's of each of the E-ISO but I wanted to do something that went a little bit deeper on a character by character basis.  And special thanks to Shade99 for his New Hero ISO Guide and the suggestions there.   Please feel free to leave suggestions/corrections in the comments

    The Class- and Hero-Restricted E-ISOs will be the ones listed in the descriptions, the general E-ISO will only be mentioned if important.

    Please Note this guide is a work in progress!

    Before I begin, one special note.  T…

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  • Ronin313

    Another PvP Season, another weird as heck change to how PvP works.  This time the Hero is Domino, who I've come to like after the recent Cable and X-Force comic series, and she's a blaster, which means I want her for her hot Hero Bonus.

    So thanks to the new way the Armory is set up, I un-slotted everything and set everything to give an equal bonus to my Attacking and Deffending teams, and roughly an equal Offensive and Defensive Bonus.  Page 6 will have to wait until tomorrow since I'm currently doing the research from the Spec Ops.  Yes, I'm slow.  Shameful.  Page 6 is currently being researched. Page 6 is done!

    Offensive: 68543 78915

    Defensive: 67657 79323

    Squirrel Girl, Lvl 13  E-ISO: Aggresive, Surprising.

    Modern Thor, Lvl 12, No E-ISO

    Ares, Lvl 13…

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  • Ronin313

    Thanks to her recent buffs, Rogue has moved up on the PvP Ranking Lists.  Naturally this means people are already complaining about her being OP.  Fight Smarter, not Harder!  Here's some tips to help.

    1. Generalize!  The Debuff will remove any Class Bonuses she gets.
    2. Buff Removal!  Her Class Bonuses can be removed, not to mention Kree Speed/In The Fray.
    3. Squirrel Girl!  Admittedly, this is my solution for everything, but there actually is some logic here.  Her Super Squirrely passive can neutralize Rogue's 100% Melee Attacks, her L1 can stop her from getting extra turns, her L6 won't provoke counters and can place Flanked, which is a fantastic Debuff, and her L9 is also Stealthy and hits hard.
    4. Stolen shamelessly from TechParadox: Recognize what the…
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  • Ronin313

    Gotta Catch 'em All

    August 5, 2013 by Ronin313

    Thanks to Chapter 2 1.6 requiring Herc and Shatterstar, I finally farmed up the Command Points for both of them and now I have finally collected all of the heroes.  Minus Constrictor, who I don't really want.

    Next up: more farming for the upcoming release of Squirrel Girl and Moon Knight and the alt costumes I don't have.

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  • Ronin313

    PVP Season 8 Log

    May 23, 2013 by Ronin313

    Holy cow, that was a long time between Seasons.  Pretty nice.  I know I said I wasn't interested, but for one thing, that time off let me cool down some, and two, locking a character, even one I don't really like that much like the Juggernaut, behind a lockbox makes me want to do this.  So I'm aiming for Vibranium, no big deal if I don't get it, since the Armor is not that great.

    Not entirely sure what I'm running.  I was running Iron Man Mk42 (Blaster) and Iron Pepsi WM (Tactician) when I started but the sheer amounts of Magneto I met the first day is changing that idea fast.  The change to Tacts is a major meta shift as Blasters are now not welcome since so many of them have AoEs and will give up free turns to the other team is a killer.  …

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