PVP Fight 1 

PVP Bonus - Even 

Modern Tact Dr Strange/Iron Fist/Tact Agent 

Easy Win - Surprisingly Iron Fist was the only one who caused a problem, KO'd my Wolverine on round 2, enemy agent was stunned first round and killed second, along with Dr Strange by NC Lvl 6 move  

PVP Fight 2 

PVP Bonus - hopelessly outclassed, I think this guy spent gold on pvp bonus pages 

Modern Blaster Dr Strange/Inv Woman (base)/Generalist Agent 

Close Win - Took out his team and then his agent decided to dodge all my attacks while preempitvely countering 100% of my non-stealthy attacks, then my agent decided to preemptively attack on what would have been the enemy agent's killing blow 

PVP Fight 3 

PVP Bonus - Even 

Modern Blaster Strange/ Inf Brown Wolverine/ Blaster agent 

Horrible Loss - Nothing went my way, scroll of angolob removed stun from enemy wolverine, and he stepped in front of my attacks and countered me, they wrecked my wolverine, and it was all downhill 

Fight 4 PVP Bonus - my advantage Brown & Tan Scrapper Wolverine/Psylocke/Bruiser Agent 

Strong loss - The amount of dodging by the enemy was rediculous 

Fight 5 

PVP Bonus - advantage to me 

Captain America (Base)/Havok/ Inf Agent 

Easy Win - Nothing special, stealthy attacks and stuns get around Captain America 

Fight 6 

PVP Bonus - Strong advantage to me 

White Crown Inf Phoenix/ Brown and Tan Scrapper Wolverine/ Tactician Agent 

Easy win - Stealthy attacks win again 

Fight 7 

PVP Bonus - advantage to me 

Blaster Alt Human Torch/ Brown and Tan Scrapper Wolverine/ Tact Agent 

Easy Win - Kept the Agent stunned, took care of the rest individually, NC dodged the fireball from HT, so all went well  

5 wins and 2 losses, kind of meh, but again I don't have the Wolverine Alt, so I'm really looking forward to getting it.  Dark Sigil was less of a player this time, mostly because I saw a lot of infiltrators.  I'm thinking about switching my agent to another class.

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