The astute observer would realize that I've skipped day 3 and day 4.  I didn't think anyone was reading my blog, plus it was the weekend, and I didn't feel like putting the work in.  Today, I looked at my account, and apparently some people are reading, so I will continue.

I didn't write anything down for days 3 and 4, but I did fairly well. I think I went 5 wins 7 losses both days, looking at my battle record.  Since my heroes aren't max level and I don't have Wolverine's alt yet, I think thats pretty good.  I'm also thinking about re-isoing Nightcrawler with better attack.  I originally Iso'd him for accuracy/evasion/health, figuring most of his damage would come from Hemorrhaging ravaged opponents, but apparently his ambush does that even when it misses, which I expect PD to fix soon, but oh well.

I also got Dark Sigil over the weekend, and I want to see how that works in place of my Bolt Action 4 Bore.

Fight 1

PVP bonus - even

Tact WWII Captain America/Modern Dr Strange Blaster/Tact Agent (holding destroyer power relic)

Close Win - I focused down the agent with stealthy attack to get around Captain America, because I didn't want him to use the relic.  His Dr Strange did some serious damage against me though.  Would have 1-hit KO'd Wolverine, but he proc'd healing factor.  That fight could have gone either way.

Fight 2

PVP Bonus - Slight advantage to me

Sif (Base)/Human Torch Blaster Alt/Generalist Agent

Close Win - I couldn't get a stun to hit to save my life, and Dark Sigil is useless when one hero is immune to part of the damage and one gets stronger because of it.  Still did well though.

Fight 3

PVP Bonus - advantage to me

Warbringer Hulk Scrapper/Nightcrawler (Base)/Generalist agent

Win - Although enemy Nightcrawler killed me on the first turn (since I AOE'd with dark sigil he counter attacked, then double ambush) I felt in control the whole time.  Wolverine answered with a Lvl 9 into a Lvl 1 to nightcrawler, killing him, and the other two fell pretty easily.

Fight 4

PVP Bonus - advantage to opponent

Easy Win - I am really starting to like my team.  Dark Sigil adds a good amount of DOT's and synergizes well with Wolverine's deadly crits, I was able to kill the enemy agent first turn, and none of my allies died.

Fight 5

PVP Bonus - slight advantage to me (to anyone that doubts the power of lvl 10+ hero bonuses, this is a prime example, enemy has 36 heroes to my 17, but I have 6 level 10's to his 2, so our hero bonuses are very similar)

Emma Frost P% Tact/ Mockingbird Generalist/Inf Agent

Easy Win - I think there is a natural fear of fighting the old spec ops heroes (that and they are good heroes on their own merit) but I am super excited that I beat them, especially since I failed every stun attempt.  The DOT's added from Dark Sigil helped out a lot again.

Summary:  I am loving this team, especially now with the Dark Sigil.  It's a well balanced team (in my opinion) that can ignore defense, cause stuns (Stealthily, I add), and put out respectable DOT's.  5 fights, 5 wins, can't beat that.  I'll end the day at 8.5% (DIAMOND LEAGUE!!!!!) and get a Terrigan Crystal for the PVP reward.  I would have really liked Command Points or Gold, but after getting Warbringer Axe on day 2 I can't complain.

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