So, I figured I wouldn't really analyze trends until about a week into the tournament, as anything I find out now is liable to change as people adjust to the meta.

I also decided to buy Nightcrawler with his Infiltrator Alt and Phoenix.  I've always liked Nightcrawler as a character, and now that he is good I'll pick him up.  Phoenix always annoyed me with her Death and Rebirth, so I figured I'd pick her up, but probably not use her this PVP.

Although my Nightcrawler was lvl 2, I decided to use him and Wolverine, mainly to level Nightcrawler up as quick as possible.

My agent used Snikt, Mahayuga, Quantum Jumper, and Bolt Action Four Bore.

Fight 1 

PVP Bonus - Even 

Wolverine, Iron Fist, Generalist Agent 

Loss.  Mirror Images threw a wrench in my plan and caused me to miss a lot.  I have no AoEs (Although NC will when he levels)

Fight 2

PVP Bonus - Even 

Human Torch (base), Ghost Rider, Scrapper Agent 

Win, Wolverine stepped in to protect Nightcrawler from a few key scrapper attacks. 

Fight 3 

PVP Bonus - Even 

Heroic Age Tact Hawkeye, Human Torch (Base), Generalist Agent 

Easy Win, nothing special. 

Fight 4 

PvP Bonus - Even 

Iron Fist, Base Human Torch, Tact Agent 

Easy Win, I didn't expect to see Iron Fist at all in PVP today, yet alone twice.  I'll probably miss these easy wins later, lol. 

Fight 5

PvP Bonus - Even

Scrapper Agent, Tan Scrapper Wolverine, WWII Tact Captain America 

Close Win, Captain America was bled out pretty quickly, but the scrappers made quick work of NC, and Wolverine doesn't bleed for long 

Fight 6 

PVP Bonus - hero advantage to enemy 

Bruiser Hulk, Heroic Age Tact Hawkeye, Scrapper Agent 

Defeat, Mass Dizzy from Hawkeye, missed quite a few attacks.  I'm sure this won't be as much of a problem once I get NC levelled and Iso'd correctly. 

Fight 7 

PVP Bonus - Even 

Ghost Rider, Human Torch Blaster Alt, Blaster Agent 

Difficult Win, Ghost Rider tore my people apart..  It would be nice to be able to get rid of those Sin stacks.  

Findings:  I think I'll really like this team.  Double Hemorrhaging attacks on a bleeding + ravaged opponent takes people out quickly, even though my NightCrawler is such a low level.  It will only get better with I level and Iso.  I'm thinking about using someone else other than NC for defense PVP, depending on how that works out. 

OH YEAH, I got Warbringer Axe!  I'll definitely swap something out for it, but I'm not sure what at this point.  I like the bleed/ravage from Snikt, and Bolt Action Four Bore can really dish out the pain, so I may swap out Mahayuga. It didn't proc in any of my fights today.

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