So I've participated in two PVP seasons so far, getting Diamond League in season 4, and Gold in season 5.  I'm particualrly dissapointed in my placing last season, but it was partially because of a failed plan on my part.  I tried to keep my rating low so I could easily get the Daily PVP Bonus everyday, and then attempt to rank up in the last few days, but the plan back fired at the end because I didn't have time to put it the volume to rank up.

Near the end of last season, I used Captain America (WWII Tact) and Wolverine (Base) with a decent amount of success.  I also have the following heroes available to use.

Iron Man Lvl 10 (BASE)

Black Widow LVL 9 (Grey Suit Tact)

Hawkeye Lvl 10 (Heroic Age Tact)

Captain America Lvl 10 (WWII Tact)

Colossus Lvl 10 (Modern Scrapper)

Dr Strange Lvl 10 (Modern Blaster)

Hulk Lvl 9 (Modern Scrapper)

Inv Woman Lvl 10 (Base)

Iron Fist Lvl 9

She-Hulk Lvl 6

Storm Lvl 9 (Classic Tact)

Wolverine Lvl 9 (Base)

Scarlet Witch Lvl 8

Gambit Lvl 9

I also have 129 Command Points to buy Heroes/Alts for PvP (I don't plan on saving these for spec ops).

I am level 88.  I'm lacking in Gold purchase weapons, I currently use a Custom AR Spectre (i just got it, so its decent damage dealer), Mahayuga, Quantum Jumper, and Curative Reach.  I use a Reinforced Tactician Trench (6 Iso Slots.)  I'm trying to farm for a Custom Magnetic Field Generator at the moment.  My PVP bonus is 28K/25K.

I'm doing this blog for a couple reasons.  One, I want some other point of views concerning my PvP strategy.  Two, I should probably write down what I fight and what I have trouble with, so if I'm going to do that, I might as well post it so other people can benefit from my findings.

Since I'm familiar with it, I'm going to start off using Wolvie and Captain America.

Fight 1

PVP Bonuses - Similar (slight advantage to enemy)

Enemy Comp

Blaster Human Torch Alt/FF Invis Woman Inf/Generalist Agent

Easy Win, just like last season, the multiple protectors fools the AI pretty decently (they'll target the low health one, and the other will protect), plus the IW Reactive Shields going away after she dies makes the fight easier.  Mahayuga was never used.

Fight 2

PVP Bonus - 8k/5k advantage to enemy

Modern Tact Dr Strange/Grey Suit Tact Black Widow/Tact Power Suit Agent

Strong Loss, no way to deal with Debuffs and DOTs (enemy agent had Faulteater and chakra strike) Wolverine was stunned first round before he could attack.  Only answer to debuffs I have is Scarlet Witch, and the all Tact team would have probably torn her apart too.

Fight 3

PvP Bonus - Same, but enemy agent has many more heroes, so advantage goes to him

Ghost Rider/Valkyrie/Inf Agent

Close Victory, managed to take out Valkyrie first round, but Ghost Rider did terrible damage to my team.  Lack of Magic attacks made him harder to kill, so I killed him last.  Bleeding took him out at the start of his turn, and he probably would have killed Wolverine (my last ally) on that turn.  No way to take care of Sin debuffs hurt me this time.

Fight 4

PvP Bonus - effectively even

FF Inf Spiderman/Blaster Alt Human Torch/Tact Agent

Modest Victory, all heroes alive but at low health, agent never got touched.  Was able to stun Spidey first turn, then kill him before he got his second round action.  Human Torch usually is not an issue since he typically targets a burning hero with Fireball, and the other protector steps in to take the lighter hit.

Fight 5

PvP Bonus - effectively even

Blaster Alt Human Torch/Wolverine/Blaster Agent

Easy Victory. killed enemy Wolverine before his second action, without Healing Factor Proc, two blasters were easy to deal with.

Fight 6

PvP Bonus - Effectively even

Modern Thor Bruiser /Wolverine Scrapper Alt/Blaster Agent

Close Defeat, Thor brought my agent and Captain to <25% HP with his AOE on the first turn, and it was downhill from there.  I was able to kill the agent and wolverine on the next turn.  Ineteresting to note that apparently two Wolverines can Berserker Rage back and forth until one dies, multiple times during the same turn.

Fight 7

PVP Bonus - Agent has large advantage do to owning about twice as many heroes as me

Mockingbird/WWII Tact Captain America/Bruiser Power Armor Agent

Believe it or not, this was my first time fighting Mockingbird, and I took a hard loss.  That and Chakra Strike's follow up attack just about kills any one of my heroes.

Fight 8

PVP Bonus - effectively even

Tigra/Valkyrie/Protector Generalist Agent

Loss, Valkyrie Behind a protector is something I haven't found a way to defeat yet.  Combine that with sacrificial strength and the fact that my main damage dealer is a scrapper, and she's pretty rediculous.  On a side note, I killed the agent twice, then her twice.  Also I didn't realize Tigra's quick action was that strong.

Fight 9

PVP Bonus - effectively even

Human Torch Blaster alt/Modern Dr Strange Tact/Scrapper agent

Close Victory, Wolverine's stuns were integral to me winning, since the whole enemy team went first.  That and Berserker Rage proccing off of Human Torch's Plasma Body when I attacked him.  Curative REach stopped my whole team from dying to Debuffs before my winning turn.  Captain America died to protect Wolverine, and my agent and Wolverine barely had any health and multiple DOTs at the end.

Daily Reward - Terrigan Crystal

Thoughts - Using two Tacticians isn't as bad as I originally thought.  My team could use some Debuff/Buff control, but I don't really want to use Scarlet Witch or Gambit.  I may have to replace one of them though.  (Of course, everything would be awesome if I had the Scroll or Bologna).  5 wins and 4 losses.  Not too happy about that, but we'll see what you guys think and move forward into tomorrow!  I'll analyze this stuff more later tonight.

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