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    PVP Fight 1 

    PVP Bonus - Even 

    Modern Tact Dr Strange/Iron Fist/Tact Agent 

    Easy Win - Surprisingly Iron Fist was the only one who caused a problem, KO'd my Wolverine on round 2, enemy agent was stunned first round and killed second, along with Dr Strange by NC Lvl 6 move  

    PVP Fight 2 

    PVP Bonus - hopelessly outclassed, I think this guy spent gold on pvp bonus pages 

    Modern Blaster Dr Strange/Inv Woman (base)/Generalist Agent 

    Close Win - Took out his team and then his agent decided to dodge all my attacks while preempitvely countering 100% of my non-stealthy attacks, then my agent decided to preemptively attack on what would have been the enemy agent's killing blow 

    PVP Fight 3 

    PVP Bonus - Even 

    Modern Blaster Strange/ Inf Brown Wolverine/ Blaste…

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    The astute observer would realize that I've skipped day 3 and day 4.  I didn't think anyone was reading my blog, plus it was the weekend, and I didn't feel like putting the work in.  Today, I looked at my account, and apparently some people are reading, so I will continue.

    I didn't write anything down for days 3 and 4, but I did fairly well. I think I went 5 wins 7 losses both days, looking at my battle record.  Since my heroes aren't max level and I don't have Wolverine's alt yet, I think thats pretty good.  I'm also thinking about re-isoing Nightcrawler with better attack.  I originally Iso'd him for accuracy/evasion/health, figuring most of his damage would come from Hemorrhaging ravaged opponents, but apparently his ambush does that eve…

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    So, I figured I wouldn't really analyze trends until about a week into the tournament, as anything I find out now is liable to change as people adjust to the meta.

    I also decided to buy Nightcrawler with his Infiltrator Alt and Phoenix.  I've always liked Nightcrawler as a character, and now that he is good I'll pick him up.  Phoenix always annoyed me with her Death and Rebirth, so I figured I'd pick her up, but probably not use her this PVP.

    Although my Nightcrawler was lvl 2, I decided to use him and Wolverine, mainly to level Nightcrawler up as quick as possible.

    My agent used Snikt, Mahayuga, Quantum Jumper, and Bolt Action Four Bore.

    Fight 1 

    PVP Bonus - Even 

    Wolverine, Iron Fist, Generalist Agent 

    Loss.  Mirror Images threw a wrench in my …

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    So I've participated in two PVP seasons so far, getting Diamond League in season 4, and Gold in season 5.  I'm particualrly dissapointed in my placing last season, but it was partially because of a failed plan on my part.  I tried to keep my rating low so I could easily get the Daily PVP Bonus everyday, and then attempt to rank up in the last few days, but the plan back fired at the end because I didn't have time to put it the volume to rank up.

    Near the end of last season, I used Captain America (WWII Tact) and Wolverine (Base) with a decent amount of success.  I also have the following heroes available to use.

    Iron Man Lvl 10 (BASE)

    Black Widow LVL 9 (Grey Suit Tact)

    Hawkeye Lvl 10 (Heroic Age Tact)

    Captain America Lvl 10 (WWII Tact)

    Colossus …

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