The Warsplitter Axe is a boss Drop in Spec Ops 12 Dark Reign You can obtain it in Mission 1. This blog will talk about what I have learned so far from using it guess you can say that this is an in depth guide of the Warsplitter Axe. Feel free to comment and if you see any errors in what I have written then please say so. Let's start

As u can see from the picture it's me scoring The Warsplitter Axe (WSA for short) Now I purposely went to go and get this weapon for PvP purposes because at the time, I was using the Girl's Best Fiend (Don't you judge me!) anyways before SO 12 came around I was thinking of something that could replace my GBS then I saw this and said "This will replace my GBF" so after 3 or 4 runs I got it (Yeah me).

What I have learned from using this weapon is that it is great against opponents that like to use stat buffs and raise their stats through the roof.  Drop the WSA on them and watch as their little stat boost plan is shattered into tiny little pieces.

This is all thanks in part to the WSAs passive called Neutralized which removes AND prevents stat boosting effects. However keep in mind that this will NOT block healing effects so for any Blaster Agents out their planning to use this against Rescue's Reconstruct Matrix DON'T DO IT! Moving on. Now there is another little perk about the Neutralized feature and that is it is the enemy to the Warbringer Axe's (WBA) Passives. When War Bound is applied to all allies of your opponent's team it means that Attack and Accuracy are about to sky rocket for every hit they take HOWEVER hit them with the WSA and it will IMMEDIATELY remove AND block the WBA's passive on the target u just hit.

This weapon is especially great for Volcano and Glass Cannons players that use Buffs to raise the stats of a single hero so that a devastating blow can be delivered. I personally think it's great to hit the Agent with this since they tend to have the buff items on however if a hero is raising stats like crazy then the obvious choice is that one.

Also as another perk once the WSA is used all allies gain Strengthened for 4 rounds. That was exactly why I replaced my Girl's Best Friend and another perk is that the WSA has Deadly crit.

Warning: WSA will only Neutralize 1 opponent from raising stats so make that hit count. Example Warbound is applied to your enemies team and u use WSA on Agent, Warbound and War Frenzy are removed but the other members of your opponents team still have the WBAs passives. Well that is all from me see you around people.

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